The story of my engagement ring redesign

Growing up, I was never much of a jewelry girl. It wasn't until I started thinking about an engagement ring that beautiful heirloom pieces were on my radar. Back when I worked in styling, I had a client who had the most beautiful brilliant-cut diamond. The particular classic cut gives off so much shine and sparkle, and you know I love a light-bounce. That was the one and only detail that I had clung to going into ring shopping.

When the time came, I told Matt that I wanted something super simple—a setting that let the diamond do the talking. We ended up deciding on a white gold band with little diamonds. She was so beautiful! However, there are two sides to the story of my decision to redesign with Fewer Finer.

Firstly, I had one of my grandmothers gold rings that I inherited many years ago. Before meeting Matt, I had thought about maybe using the band to set a future engagement diamond. I had misplaced the ring though in moving apartments, so thought I may have accidentally lost it somehow. A year after we got married, I ended up finding it in a memory box (when we moved to our house!). The idea was replanted then. When I found that band I revisited the idea but Matt didn’t love how it looked with the diamond.

For the last few years the thought continued to resurface. As did my love of collecting beautiful pieces over time (reason #2)! Hard not to fall in love with jewelry design after getting this grand of a gift from your significant other.

As you may suspect, I am a details person. I love being super thoughtful about what I collect, wear, share. Especially over the last handful of years where I’ve really come into my own style. I eventually felt like the diamond was the part that I nailed down with love, while the setting was roughly envisioned. I wanted to bring the ring to its fullest potential with 100% thought. I wanted something that was more my style, too—timeless and classic meets fun.

My eyes continued to gravitate to yellow gold—and the bevel brings such charm!!! I couldn't love it more—thank you so much to Madison for bringing this eye candy to life. I feel like I got engaged all over again and stare at it daily like we first met. Can't say enough good things if you're looking or interested in redesigning.

As we age, our styles evolve—it's okay if you want to reinvent your jewelry to align with what would bring you even more joy! Madison reworks all kinds of vintage pieces or things that don't suit your style anymore, fyi! So fun to see how you can bring things to life in new ways... x

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