The Uplift List

After a “blah” last week, I’m in need of a recharge. I’m focusing on getting back to healthy, soul-filling, energy-giving rituals. Things that serve me and fill my cup.

I always keep a notepad on my iPhone called “Uplift List” — it’s a collection of rituals / habits that bring inspiration, a clear mind, and simple joy into my days, so I revisit it often as a reminder or if I find myself in a rut. Literally going to just copy paste mine below! Highly recommend keeping an uplift list of your own close-by to reconnect with yourself as often as you need…

Jot down what habits, rituals, creative outlets, experiences – so to say – uplift your daily life. Below when I mention creating positive experiences, this means things like lighting a candle, turning on a great playlist, setting the mood/surrounding to make you feel good…



I know that if I am able to implement a handful of these rituals into my day/week, it will be such a good one. Happy, energized, productive! I feel like between the pandemic and, more personally, always working from home, it’s easy to lose momentum here and there. I hadn’t been in a rut in a long time! So helpful to have this protocol though when it inevitably happens. Waking up today and ticking a bunch off felt so good. Already seeing the light again x

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