Things of Note 6.4.19

I want to thank everyone who sent in feedback for my survey this past weekend. I touched on this via Instagram, but I was truly taken back by the thoughtful responses, ideas, and overall kindness. It means so much to have so many people connected to this platform and who are inspired in some way when visiting. I can’t thank you enough (so I will continue to do so, here and there) for stopping by, chatting with me, and believing in me, in a sense. Your sweet words of encouragement fill the void of working with a team and having that feedback regularly. It really means a lot! So happy to have you around.

One thing I noticed was how open you are to everything I share. The majority of survey takers said they want to see it all in terms of categories on here, which makes me really happy! I started a lifestyle site because I wanted to be able to express my excitement and inspiration about life open-endedly. So I am going to do a better job about mixing things up on here like I used to.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I have so many ideas that race through me daily and it feels hard to execute everything I want to share. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I can tackle these lists of things I save, without having to create individual posts for everything. And that’s when it dawned on me… I kind of already have a good system down for sharing fun, random tidbits, it just wasn’t fine-tuned until now!

That said, I am changing up my Things of Note series! Your girl loves a collage. Within this series, I’ve always shared new things I’m loving but I want to broaden my horizons a bit. From here on out you can expect to see a handful of cool finds in style, interiors, noteworthy products, new brands to follow, culture, inspiring articles and books, design, recipes, and beyond. An open-ended assortment of things I think you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

Let me know what you think of the refresh and if it’s something you’d like to see weekly! xx


Béis Carry-On Cosmetic Case | I discovered this brand through an ad and shortly after was scrolling the pages of their site… what a gem to stumble upon! I have one of these zip travel bags (just not as chic as this!) and it is the absolute best. It fits SO much stuff! I had to share because they are so cute and that price point can’t be beat.


Innika Choo Top | has such beautiful pieces right now. I don’t own anything by her but have admired her for years and this top catapulted to the top of my wish list. So ethereal and sweet for summer!


7 Types of Fruit Trees You Can Grow in Your Living Room | this article made me very excited (and hopeful) to potentially try and grow another lemon tree in our apartment. Do you remember the one from my last place (RIP)… it didn’t go so well, but I think this apartment (especially with our little “patio”) light, temp, and outdoor space could help it flourish. Mulling over this decision and will report back…


Onia Bikini Top & Bottoms | I came across this label last summer when it first launched and since have been so impressed by their charming cuts. This bikini is aptly named “Sorrento” and too good not to have on an Italian holiday. It’s in my cart as we speak…


Dirty Neroli by Heretic Perfume |  A beautiful, natural fragrance line that caught my eye last week. Is the branding beautiful or what!? Sucker til the end! I am a fan of all things neroli so am excited to find a way to test this scent out.


G.TOX 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub |  I am always game for new bath additions, this body scrub I spotted on Goop is on my list. The scrub is composed of five mineral-rich salts (Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salt, Celtic sea salt, New Zealand solar salt, and Epsom salt) and three ultra-moisturizing oils (cold-pressed moringa, pure unfiltered rose hip, and organic extra virgin olive oils). With scents of rosemary, grapefruit, and peppermint—yes please.


Serena & Lily Cabana Stripe Towel | This towel feels so nostalgic to me. Growing up swimming at my grandma’s pool–– cabana stripes always make me happy… and scream summer.


A Look Inside Tommy Hilfiger’s Caribbean Vacation Villa | Tommy over there, just living his best Gatsby life. This home is absurd! Can you imagine the lavish parties he throws? I just want to parade around that property in linen and a crisp glass of rosé in hand.


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