Travel Essentials with Cuyana

For many years now, Cuyana has remained my top favorite brand to look to for travel essentials. I am beyond excited at the chance to finally work with them and share with you my favorite pieces I’ve collected. Matt and I use our Weekender Bags for every getaway, and since we’re packing up today to hit the road tomorrow, timing is perfect to share a look into what we use for our travels.

First of all, Cuyana’s quality is incredible. Everything I have of theirs has stood the test of time and after several years of wear––they still look beautiful and new. I mentioned recently (here and here) how much I love their travel sets! If you have yet to experience the wonderment of Cuyana, I would recommend starting there. I have 2 sets (one in an old limited edition silver and more recently in the Ecru) that I use and I couldn’t love them more! I am bringing them all up, packed to the brim of makeup for the big day.

After eyeing their jewelry case for a long time, I finally got the Pebbled Leather Case in the Ecru and it’s amazing. I don’t know how I held off for so long! It’s amazing. One thing that really stands out to me about a lot of their small leather good products, is the tan leather interior. It’s just such a rich, beautiful color that perfectly accents the shades of exterior they offer. I always go for their black/tans and neutral/tan combinations to keep everything cohesive…

A few more things of note! I have two of their black leather totes in both the Classic Structured Tote and Tall Structured Tote. The classic is amazing for everyday life (laptop cafe dates) or a quick trip carry-on bag. As for the tall tote, I use this for long haul flights and swear by it! I can easily fit a purse, in-flight beauty essentials, socks, a book, magazine, a wrap if I get cold, and snacks!

Our wedding planning is coming to a close as we cross off our few last details today, finish packing up the car and wake up early tomorrow morning to get a move on. I am so excited to share more of our weekend with you so soon! x

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