Wedding Planning Update: 2 Month Countdown

“A wedding is like moving — you figure out the big things first and once you do it’s not so bad… and then you realize how many little things you have…”

Our wedding videographer said it best! This is so true, and we are working our way down the little things list now, but so close! I thought I would catch you up with one more update since our wedding is coming up in 2 months! I can’t believe it. So soon. Also, sorry I have been a little quiet this week. I always feel so guilty for some reason, but I have wedding brain and needed some decompress time to get back into a blogging mindset. I am ready to go again!

I wanted to share what vendors we selected because I am already SO happy and excited about them. One thing I’ve learned about planning and my top piece of advice for those planning as well. You have to wholeheartedly trust your vendors. It’s funny, I was kind of worried. I think partially because I am a horrible planner, but also because I am so particular! I am passionate about flowers, photography, and music, so I wanted to hold out for something special… and we got really lucky.

Our Vendors

Photographer — Tawni Bannister

Tawni emailed and introduced herself to me last year, as she is making the move from NYC to SF this summer and asked to grab a coffee while she was in the city. She is an incredibly talented fashion/editorial photographer, who does a few select weddings each year. She made a note at the bottom of the email of this and shared her portfolio and upon clicking, I immediately knew I had to have her shoot our wedding!

We ended up meeting for coffee a few weeks later while she was in town and she’s just the sweetest ever. I am so lucky to have her shooting our day and can’t wait to have a new friend in the city soon! I also am locking her down as my BoC photographer as well. Tawni was the start of our lucky stars aligning with talented artists for our day. People I don’t even feel like I need to give direction to, because they are above and beyond what I imagined and know exactly what they are doing. It’s the best feeling!

Videographer — Hitmaker Films

I asked you guys on Instagram stories your recommendations for a videographer, and quite a few of you recommended Kyle from Hitmaker Films. Thank you so much for this! We love Kyle’s style, it’s so artistically beautiful and really captures the small moments, emotions, and love on wedding days. I can’t wait to show you guys the film afterward!

Florist — Natasha Kolenko

Natasha and I have followed each other on Instagram for a while, and I just love her style so much. She’s always out and about foraging, arranging, and creating such beautiful from-the-garden looking arrangements. Exactly what I envisioned. We are meeting in a couple of weeks to start playing around and mocking things up, so I will be sure to share some behind the scenes footage with you!

DJ — Dart Collective

Matt and I made dinner one night and poured some wine and clicked on Dart DJ website (another recommendation from my Instagram friends! Thank you!) and pressed play on a featured song. I dare you to listen and not want to dance! You really can’t help but instantly become a fan of their work. We booked him immediately. I have yet to tell him I’m a Swiftie… can’t wait for some Tay remixes, haha.

I am going to keep everything else a secret…. but not long now until I can show you! Ah!

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