Lately 10.25.22

I always love the transitional weather from summer to fall (and winter to spring!) when the weather is a bit chilly, but still beautiful to enjoy.

I spent a lot of time outside on walks, in the garden, out to brunch… and got to finally wear jeans and knits. Some pictures I captured….

A dreamy garden moment. Can’t wait to order more David Austin roses this fall!

Took an off the beaten path trail on my run today… and it made me pause to take in the beauty (and snap this photo). Cold air and some ‘Karma’ playing in my ear buds… quite delightful!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a longtime now, you probably recognize I speak about the WS chestnut spice candle each year. It’s become a tradition with my family and friend group, too! It’s heavenly. Well, I recently popped in and accidentally bought the pumpkin spice—but it reminds me a lot of chestnut and is equally delicious! Have been burning it during the day while I work and at night winding down. So captivating and fall-like.

Love this view in my office. The light leaks and a room filled with things I love and inspire me.

A snap from brunch this weekend ❤️ just absolutely loving this phase—her personality is shining through so much. So fun to see her explore and at full speed… she’s running now, haha.

Homemade granola! I had this in the oven and a fall candle lit… and my house smelled INSANE. I was walking around just breathing it all in—the little things!

Recipe—which you can make your own! For this batch I used rolled oats / a drizzle of olive oil / a couple tablespoons of maple syrup / sea salt / chia seeds / and coconut flakes. Add in other seeds or nuts! You can add chocolate chips or dried fruit after it’s baked as well. 350º for 20 minutes!

Pulled out a favorite for a costume tonight! Heading to a neighborhood black party… will snap a photo later. It’s a impromptu costume so hoping for the best.

I snapped a photo of this from a grocery run last week as the label caught my eye! The description also noted it was award winning. So many reached out praising the label—apparently Mary was one of the first female winemakers in the region! Going back to snag it…

I took myself to a cafe with design magazines, my notepad to jot down blog post ideas for the next few months! A latte and overnight oats and some people watching, too. I need to do this more.

Lastly, this knit/legging combo just arrived and I love them. Varley does such a good job with chic and elevated active/leisure! So cozy and lovely.

Happy halloween xx

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