This weekend was so relaxing. Fogust led us to spend more time indoors, but it was just what we needed. Actual quality time doing things we love to do together. On Friday night we met our good friend, Charlotte, for happy hour and then headed home for takeout and Netflix. We just finished Ozarks and LOVED it. Any other good recs you really like? On Saturday, we sipped coffee slowly, made baked eggs, worked out, and decided on lunch al fresco before heading to Matt’s sister’s housewarming party in Pacific Heights. I am seriously on the Pac Heights apartment prowl, it’s official!

Sunday was the heart and soul of our weekend. Coffee, another sweat sesh, and made our way over to the Ferry Building Farmers Market. It had been way too long! I just love it down there, especially when it’s sunny t-shirt weather. As soon as we walked through the door, a vendor was selling Slanted Door tableware, all too good not to snag something! I ended up with a floral soy sauce plate for my nightstand to toss rings into before bed. I have a thing for random dishware around my apartment for all kinds of knick knacks. Matchbooks, jewelry, salt, etc. We picked up Blue Bottle Coffee, Peach & Lavender Jam, and ended our fun day trip at one of our favorite restaurants, Coqueta.

We sat outside, ordered a pitcher of sangria (so good) and a bevy of tapas plates that were all, as usual, to die for. Next time you make your way to Coqueta, you must try the kale and fig salad! After a delicious lunch, we drove home, tidied up for the week ahead, read for an hour or so, and then made a healthy dinner. We were pretty tuckered out from the relaxing day, so went to bed on the earlier side.

I’m currently reading The Slight Edge, and am loving it! Forever a sucker for a good self-help book. Slow weekends can be so ideal for the soul–especailly after a week full of horrendous news stories domino-ing one after another. I really can’t believe what’s going on in our world right now. It’s breaking my heart but I’m trying to stay positive. Apparently, there’s a protest going to happen 2 blocks from us at Crissy Field this coming Saturday. Trying to plan a weekend escape to wine country because we can’t be bothered by ignorant people!

In other (lighter) news…
I added a couple of new things to the blog. On the sidebar, I am going to be sharing two items each week that are high up on my wishlist. Still loving everything woven right now, and am excited that they are going to make it into the fall wardrobe lineup! Also, if you mouse over the Shop tab on my menu, I’ve organized it a little bit differently so it’s easier to navigate. Still adding products daily! And lastly, on Friday I shared this post, a new series where I’ll be answering common questions. I didn’t spread the word too much on social media when it went up, so thought I’d mention in case you missed it.

Hope you had a great weekend, friends!

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