Weekend Moments 12.5.18

Hi! How was your weekend? If you couldn’t tell, mine was the epitome of lazy (at its best). Lounged all the live long day in a couple of my favorite cashmere joggers (by Marine Layer – favorites… and Madewell). How have I never owned cashmere joggers before now? I hate to say it, but I love them more than my softest sweats. To really top off a cozy weekend, I also got an incredibly kind package in the mail from Jenni Kayne. I worked with their team for the first time this year, and have become such a big fan of her quality pieces. These shearling moccasins must be added to your holiday wishlist. I’ve never loved slippers more, and Matt is basically on a mission to take them over. Every once in a while, these weekends are so needed. A few things of note…


We tried a couple of new recipes from Chrissy Teigen’s new cookbook– her pad thai carbonara for dinner on Saturday night and made her homemade potato chips with sour cream and onion dip for Sunday football. We have tried so many of her recipes now and I have never met a meal of hers I didn’t like. We trust her taste buds and are having so much fun making our way through the recipes.


I mentioned this weekend but wanted to make another note about this holiday candle because it smells amazing. Their winter collection, in particular, makes me so happy. But I also love my Noir candle! So good.


I bought my first DOEN top and I love it! Can never have too many floral/wrap pieces if you ask me. I love the fabric and details, too. Such a charming brand.


Excited to share the limited edition Peony & Blush Suede Body & Hair Oil by Jo Malone London. One of my top two absolute favorite scents, and in such a beautiful bottle! My skin and hair have both been struggling with the cold slap of winter as of late, so this was such a treat post-bubble baths this weekend and to lightly massage to the ends of my hair.



Brochu Walker asked to interview me and I am so excited to share more soon. We shot some photos over the weekend, so stay tuned for the post to launch in the near future! One of my favorite interviews to date…


We started watching the documentary ‘Dogs’ on Netflix and it is a must watch! So touching and sweet… but be sure you have an entire box of tissues on hand… major tug of the heartstrings and emotions!


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