My Week in Pictures 8.9.19


How are we doing? I mentioned this yesterday on Instagram stories, but I’ve been starting my mornings by reading a few chapters in a book with some tea, getting outside with Scout, and going phone-free for the first hour or two of waking up. It has been incredibly impactful on my energy, attitude, and productivity. I highly recommend giving it a try this weekend if you haven’t. Sometimes you just need a little reminder because caving in is so, so easy these days.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend! We had Friday concerts back to back, thus pizza night was put on hold, so that is on the books for this evening. Also, call me an old lady, but I really do just love our Friday ritual of staying home! I love going to concerts so much, but two in a row felt like a lot, haha. I’d prefer they be on Saturday, too–– our “adventure day”. So yes, pizza and Handmaid’s Tale, I’m coming for you. Who is all caught up with Offred? Oh my god, last week’s episode was insane. It’s hilarious how much I despised this show the first handful of episodes (because they really try and paint the gruesome picture of Gilead, and do it well), and now I think it’s one of the best shows on television.

Matt and I were talking about how we want to create a google spreadsheet where we come up with a bevy of fun things to do on weekends. I am going to start on it today and I think I might do a blog post and share our weekend itinerary ideas for my locals! It’s nice to be able to go back to the drawing boards and get inspired about new things to try when you can’t put your finger on what you feel like doing. So, no plans for Saturday but they will be something that we haven’t done in a while, or ever before.

It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend here in the city, so going to be soaking up as much sunshine and outdoor time as I can. Speaking of, I got this new cute umbrella and I couldn’t love it more. Perfect for (non-windy) park and beach days, trips up to my in-laws’ cabin in Tahoe, backyard hangs and beyond. I am such a sucker for beach umbrella with fringe. It’s super easy to put together, too.

A few things of note around BoC! I spent a lot of the week rethinking and updating my shop pages and I am super happy with how these are all evolving now. I hope they are easy to navigate and helpful! If you ever have requests or feedback, please do let me know! They can all be found in the menu under Shops…

The BoC Shop
Closet Staples
Under $200 Finds
Amazon Shop
Home Shop (will be updating this next week)
Things I Wore on Instagram (where I will add everything in my closet and things I share on stories and my feed!)

This week a handful of new things arrived that I wanted to make note of…

Above Janessa Leoné Hat 
& Other Stories Tank
& Other Stories Shorts
Beatrice Valenzuela Slides
Paradise People Blanket
Sunday Supply Co. Umbrella

A couple of new things in from & Other Stories that I love. Since I fell in love with these shorts, I decided to order a pair in black, too (only a little longer). Love them so much! I also got this ribbed skinny strap tank that is so cute. I am thinking of getting this one, too! With an Italian tan and linen shorts? Sold.

By the way, a few asked me about the quality of their pieces. Everything I have from them has been amazing in terms of quality, how they keep up, and fits/cuts. I am such a big fan of theirs, one of the few places I love to look for more budget-friendly closet staples. They have beautiful coats and jackets come fall and winter. Their shoe selection is one I always love to browse. Their denim is great in my experience so far, too!

I am always asked about my crystal wine glasses, and I found out they are on sale! I ran to Williams-Sonoma this week and saw they were down to $10, so I stocked up on a few more. Just wanted to share since they are my favorites, so beautiful.

Last up, the new St. Agni slides are so good. I’m obsessed. The color is so pretty and they are a little more lightweight than my original slides. I’m also a fan of the chic new cut. Going to be living in these…

I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead! See you next week xx

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  1. Love those shorts so much! But how high rise are they? I love the slightly longer length.

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