Weekend Moments 3.11.17

There’s nothing quite exciting as a very last-minute spontaneous trip. Matt and I decided we are going to head up to Yountville on Saturday for the night! We’re going to spend the afternoon at a (redesigned) beautiful hotel (more to come soon), indulge in a romantic date night somewhere yummy, and then make our way back to Scout and football (for Matt, not me) on Sunday. It’s always a little crisper up in wine country, so I am ready to bundle up, sip some wine, and hang out with my favorite guy.

Work this week was so fun. I’ve been trying to be more active on Instagram stories and let you guys see a bit more into my life/BTS/every day. It’s less effort than it seems once you get used to it. Plus, I’ve gotten to know a handful of you better! I love chatting all things style, interiors, Scout, so thank you for saying hello. I am going to be a lot more present on there. Also, I really appreciate everyone weighing in on the polls I shared on IG storied about the type of content you’d like to see/what resonates best. It’s clear that people want more on the go, in real-time, which totally makes sense. It’s called Instagram after all.

Speaking of stories, I did some major online window shopping yesterday as you may have noticed. Many people reached out and loved the items I was chatting about, so I thought I would put together a little haul of things I think are noteworthy.

Be sure to follow along on IG this weekend, lots of pretty wine country things to come!

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  1. i love spreading out small little trips throughout the calendar, enjoy your weekend!

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