Weekend Moments 8.29.16

You guys. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a Monday in my life! We’ve been counting down to this day for months now, and I cannot believe it’s finally here. We’re heading to pick up our eight-week-old labradoodle puppy this afternoon!! It still doesn’t feel real to me. Matt and I have been smiling ear to ear all weekend long, knowing that today we become three, and are thrilled to take on the responsibilities of this little sweet pea. Be sure to follow along on Instagram today – puppy photos to come! Have a great Monday! xx

& other updates:
we’re looking for a new vintage rug – thinking we may swap a few around in our place. Let me know if you have an amazing Etsy or Instagram shops… hoping to find one like the top left image!

If you live or are visiting San Francisco, Presidio Social Club for brunch is amazing. I live so close, and just discovered their brunch menu and have been twice in 2 weeks! You must order the bellini and beignets.


I spent some time in Cole Valley on Friday and re-fell in love with the neighborhood, it’s so cute! I’m excited to share a post this week with some of my favorite spots, so stay tuned.


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