A true architect of her imagination, Ashley Kane is perennially seeking inspiration. Since 2004, she has chronicled the evolution of her explorations online, most notably through her blog, Brunch on Chestnut. Today, based in San Francisco and accompanied by a devout legion of readers, she charts a distinct course ahead – in the words of Henry Miller – “to make living itself an art”.

Unphased by transient fads and trends, Ashley is most enamored by that which stands the test of time. Be it fashion, interiors or as a connoisseur of wines, she is always guided by her innate aesthetic ideals. “I truly believe that you train your eye as you train your palate,” she says. “Over the years I have fine-tuned what it is I’m drawn to and what lights me up. That’s how I curate – I go with my gut and focus on special things that I’ll treasure forever.”

“I love that feeling of being captivated and moved by something.” A sentiment that is reflected in her highly engaged audience. “I hope to offer style advice, design tips, good vibes, and beyond that, a reminder that life is about enjoyment.” In a world increasingly oversaturated by a tirade of newness, it feels refreshing to be reminded that there is beauty to be found in every corner of the human experience.

It is this sense of effervescent optimism that permeates her entire body of work. Alongside aspirational partners such as Net-A-Porter, Jo Malone London, Tiffany & Co., Moda Operandi and beyond, it is apparent that discerning brands and consumers alike resonate with her buoyant sensibilities.

After more than 15 years of building a fully-fledged community, being candid and communicative with her readers is the cornerstone of Ashley’s success. “I feel so lucky – the nicest humans follow my blog. I get excited to go to my DMs and connect with people one-on-one. It makes me so happy that people reach out as if I’m their close friend, asking me advice on a purchase or home design idea. It’s honestly one of my biggest motivators at this point, my community is everything to me.”

A prolific collector, Ashley compiles unique experiences, images, and discoveries as a conduit for true connection. Her fascination with interior design and timeless fashion run in tandem, each rooted in neutral classics paired with luxurious investments. She implores her audience – you too can build the dream world you’ve envisaged in your head. It’s as easy as cultivating an appreciation for what you love and using that as the divining rod to find your path ahead.

As a new decade opens, Ashley continues to build on the solid foundations of community and careful curation that she has firmly established. “My goal for Brunch on Chestnut is to continue to be very personal and thoughtful. I aim to weave a deeper meaning and heart into whatever I create.” Lofty ambitions indeed, but from this sanguine San Franciscan, it couldn’t be anything but sincere, fervent, and the honest truth.


Send me a note if you’d like to view my media kit and to chat and see if this could be a nice fit for us both – brunchonchestnut@gmail.com. Thank you!