5 Healthy Weekday Habits

This year I plan to prioritize self-care, be more present, and focus on direction over speed.

I want to continue to thrive to be the best version of myself, make myself proud at the end of the day, and take one step at a time without putting too much on my plate or pressure on myself. Our wedding this summer is definitely on my mind, but I also just want healthy habits and diet to stick. More than ever (since the clock stuck on my 30th, I swear) I notice when the effort is put in with my daily habits, body, skin, and mind–I’m so much happier. And that leads to all good things.

Since I work from home, I especially need to navigate my days efficiently with balance and some structure. I came up with a list of things that have been helping me with my productivity and creativity, and start/end each day on a positive note. Even working at an office job, it’s good to break up your day and prioritize some time for yourself!


Establish a morning routine and schedule your time.

I’m a morning person and an early riser at that. I pop out of bed around 6/6:30 and make myself coffee (have been making my hazelnut almond latte) or hot lemon water with Himalayan sea salt. I get some fresh air when taking Scout out and then I sit down with my laptop and map out the rest of my day. Depending on how I feel/the weather, I will go for a run (total side note: just got these running shoes and I’m obsessed. APL is the best), urban hike with Scout, or take a Pilates class in the late morning. After moving my body, I come home and make a smoothie and get back to my laptop. The combination of coffee, fresh air, a workout, and a healthy smoothie is the equation to an energizing and happy start.


Stay focused, keep the to-do list small.

My to-do list used to be miles long back when I (was a little too optimistic) first started working for myself. It would add on while I was dreaming, in the shower, walking around my neighborhood. I learned to separate ideas vs. action items because it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel intimidated by your notepad. I have learned that making a list of 3 important things I need to do each day is more realistic and helps me stay focused and get shit done. Speaking of lists, I am obsessed with Evernote. I use it from both my desktop and app on my phone.


Get outside comfort zone and/or get creative.

This will be different for everyone, but for me– planning a creative day/shoot somewhere new, scheduling a meeting with a potential client, listening to an inspiring podcast are a few things that push me. Get out of the apartment, try new things, experience different perspectives. Something to get ideas flowing and mind moving.


Move your body and fuel it with healthy food.

Besides the workout routine I mentioned above, I also got these exercise bands from Amazon. While watching TV it’s so easy to spend 10-15 minutes working out on a yoga mat. One of my goals this year is to try new recipes once a week. We have so many cookbooks, so there’s no excuse! Plus, since we have been doing this for the past month or so, I feel like I am so much craftier with ingredients sitting in our fridge.


Go to bed early and wake up the same time each day.

Sleep is the answer. When you are well rested, your mind is clearer and you have more energy to do your best work. A few remedies I use sometimes when I am noticing that I am not sleeping as well. Nature’s Calm before bed, I apply this De-Stress roller from Tata Harper to my neck and shoulders, this CBD lotion I have been testing out when my back or legs are sore/achy, and my Slip sleep mask helps so much, too.


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