The List | No.16

A little bit of winter left, but spring is on my mind.

The sunshine today (and forecast on the calendar, knock on wood) has given me hope of spring *maybe showing up a little early this year. I spent all Sunday cleaning out my closet (in case you missed it, I am selling a bunch on Depop) and our place was totally ransacked right before our Sydney trip. It really is the best feeling to be so orderly and clutter-free.

I know it’s still winter, but I can’t help but want to slow down a little bit with adding anything else winter-related to my closet (unless something comes along like this amazing Zara coat). I am shifting gears and adding things to my spring/summer wishlist and building up my basics. Basics, sandals, bags, jewelry. Collecting ideas so that in a couple of weeks I can decide on things that I can’t get out of my head.

I had to include the new Simon Miller black leather with tortoise handles, because so many people have asked me about my two bags (a hybrid of this masterpiece), and this is so good! I have the ivory leather with tortoise handles and the black suede with black handles, but this is even better and I will tell you why. The ivory leather picks up a tiny bit of blue on the bottom edge from denim and I feel like I have to be careful with the black suede, this particular fabric shows small scratched. I still love them and wear them weekly, but just a couple things I’ve picked up since buying them last spring. If you have been wanting a Simon Miller bag, I’d say now is the time, my friend! This one is perfect.

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1. NEED Nude Knot Dress 2. Alighieri Lion Medallion Necklace (have been wanting this forever) 3. Janessa Leoné Hat (so many good ones right now!) 4. Rachel Comey Earrings (her earrings are a little pricey but so, so beautiful. So good for bridal events) 5. Simon Miller bag 6. Zara Shearling Coat 6. Goldsign Jeans (I got this jacket I’ve mentioned a bunch, interested in trying their jeans now!) 7. Dolce Vita Black Sandals (they also come in a really cute leopard style) 8. NEED ‘Warm Sand’ Sunglasses (have them in tortoise and I love, so why not?)

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