5 Ways to Treat Yourself This Week

We only have a few weeks left of winter, so let’s make sure to take extra good care of ourselves leading up to some much-needed vitamin D. A few ways I’ve been combatting winter blues…

discover and dive into a new podcast

I have been stalking the webs for some good recommendations after getting hooked on Oprah’s amazing podcast, Super Soul Conversations. There are so many amazing interviews, I highly recommend for an uplifting listen. I also really like The Daily and Manrepeller’s Monocycle podcast. If you have any other good ones, let me know in the comments below.

plan a bubble bath/spa night

This is a weekly event for me. It’s such a nice way to decompress and relax after a long day. I usually wash my face, light some candles, put on some music, pour a glass of wine, and smooth on a face mask (all-time absolute favorite) before hopping in. My favorite bath potions are this oil and these bath salts.

pick up flowers on Monday to have for the week

Handpicking a bouquet of blooms early in the week is such a little luxury. Going to a flower shop in itself is fun! I like playing around with new color stories and textures to create something pretty to brighten my week. If you’re in the office, bring a little vase to work and on your lunch break find a flower stand to bring some back.

plan a date night at home with a new recipe (significant other or gfs)

I’ve been testing out new recipes and it’s been so enjoyable. Meal prepping is so therapeutic, and then you’re rewarded with (hopefully) a delicious meal. I’ve recently made this soup and Aimee Song’s sweet potatoes (SO good). I’m actually heading over to a girlfriend’s tonight and I plan to make them for her because they are so good and easy.

buy yourself a new roller perfume or lipstick for on the go

As we inch closer to spring, why not go grab a few testers, roller perfume (love this one), a new lipstick shade to try for the season ahead? I love a quick outing to Sephora to treat myself to something little that goes a long way.

I hope you have a wonderful week! x

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