Wrap Dress Collection

It’s no news that wrap dresses have a way of working magic. I’ve always loved how I feel when wrapping one around me, and lately, they are all I want to wear. I love the ease of them, the comfort, and the overall chic factor they bring to the table. This one is a new favorite! Ah, yet another Ganni dress you’ll have to hear me rave about for weeks on end! It’s included in the Shopbop sale in case you’re interested… their new spring things have already started to sell out in a bunch of sizes, as they do, so be quick if you see something you like!

I have to say, I am quite proud of my thoughtful efforts lately with purchases. My closet rebuild is going better than I imagined. I ask myself will I be excited about this item in 2 months, after 15+ wears. Will I feel myself wearing it? Comfy has been a must, too. Wrap dresses have been ticking off all boxes, and are something I am going to continue to keep an eye on because they have become a favored staple in my closet. A few more favorites below…


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