An ode to Totême

A pair of cotton jeans with twisted seams.
A moment when you know, It was meant to be.
When something fits like a glove, or falls into place.
Like a pull from the universe, a steady pace.
When you know you know, you stay for more.
You cheer on your favorites, those you adore.
—ME, an actual poem about Totême 😂

“I have always been very strategic when dressing.
I love the idea of creating a uniform”
—Totême co-founder Elin Kling

Inspired by that very sentiment, each collection is designed to last for ages in your wardrobe and transcend seasonal trends. A minimal aesthetic with a focus on quality, cut, and that’s tweaked and refined over time.

I am quite certain you’ve pieced together that Totême (pronounced toe-tem!) is a very favorite of mine. I started to collect their pieces after falling in love with a pair of denim many years ago. From there I, of course, dabbled in their knitwear. Their sweaters have become such a treasure to me and an always go-to through all seasons. And that was all she wrote! A handful of years later, my collection has expanded—shoes, bags, and coats!—and is truly, my uniform. I can’t say enough good things about the label… and I am forever inspired by following along and know that each and every season, it just gets better and better. I basically am just handing it over to Elin, who can dress me for life.

Quick note on investing for f/w. I got to a point where I realized that I would much rather invest in one nice item each season, than stocking up on a handful of fast-fashion type things that simply don’t last. It has been such a game-changer for me. Quality = longevity.

Some of my favorites via Mytheresa from the latest collection…

Things I have and love

Other beauties for f/w

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  1. Toteme has become my favorite brand thanks to you! The quality is unmatched!

    1. Truly the best. Just going to continue letting Elin dress me from here on out!

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