Editor’s Note, 10.22

This weekend I was writing in my morning pages and I made a list of 10 things in my life that mean the most to me. My authentic code, if you will (TBM people). These are the things that I want to make sure I spend time on each day/week…


  1. Family time. Spending time and discovering new activities we like to do together! Also, Scout quality time. Making sure he’s happy, healthy, and getting good walks and lots of love.
  2. Friend catch ups. Phone calls, lunches, dinners, girls getaways.
  3. Photography. Something I have always loved to do/learn. Continue to evolve and experiment.
  4. Writing. Morning pages, journaling, and expanding with my work on my blog.
  5. Reading. I always feel calmer when wrapped up in a good book. I sleep better, am stimulated, and feel more clear minded.
  6. Pilates. It’s like therapy for me and such a motivating workout as I see results and feel so good after every single time.
  7. Getting into a flow state of mind. For me this means listening to music, browsing design books or magazines, creating vision boards, cleaning and organizing (I know, I am weird), gardening, rearranging my home, meal prepping and cooking.
  8. Nature. Long walks, spending time in the backyard, garden.
  9. Change of scenery. Traveling, weekend getaways, weekly exploring around town.
  10. Meditation, breath-work, DI’s.


I am so excited that fall is here! This time of year brings me so much joy. That’s something else I have been thinking about… life is quite simple really—it’s about finding your joy. It’s about enjoyment! Spending our time doing things that uplift our soul. So cheers to devoting time to the things that do just that.

On my calendar

So excited, I am trying IPL facial for the first time this month. Definitely starting to see some sun damage from my youth! Also, if you read my beauty post earlier today, I talked a little bit about how postpartum wrecked some havoc on my skin. Marina from City Laser Clinic is my favorite ever and I trust her so much—and she thinks it’ll really help. Will report back!

I have a girl wine country trip which I am super excited about. A couple celebratory dinners. And I want to do some fall gardening work, too, which the weather is perfect to drop in some trees and last things to establish before winter.

On my mind

Fall wardrobe! SO over summer clothes right now, haha. Also, I cannot wait to decorate and be a bit more festive this year for Grace! She is at such a fun age and so wonderstruck by the world… it’s going to be magical.

Hope you have a wonderful month ahead, friends! xx

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