April Mood

A few days late to greet April, but I’m excited for what’s to come this month. First things first– I’m on major countdown to Maui… only a few short weeks away, and it can’t come soon enough. However, a handful more workouts may be nice after eliminating all of the funfetti truffles that J.Crew sent me last week. Holy hell, have you guys tried those things from Milk? I am so glad they don’t have a shop in San Francisco. The Hawaii trip is much needed in general, but this past weekend solidified that time away from my laptop will be just perfect for my mind and soul…

The warmer and lighter air, longer and sunnier days, and the opportunities to slip into sandals are currently inspiring me. Rich and warm tonal dressing, linen, and fun weekend plans are coming in hot.

I decided April is all about refreshing and recharging:

• This week I launched my new site design and it feels so fresh and new
• Our place is de-cluttered and organized, spring cleaning really does work wonders

• The next couple of weekends I have trips planned (this weekend with two of my best friends and the following with Matt and Scout) and am so looking forward to relaxing, adventuring, and shooting a few things for new clients
• AND then… we spend a week beachside, hallelujah

Cheers to fresh starts and looking ahead to fun plans ? ?


We just ordered this Gray Malin print and I think it emulates my mood and “checking in to check out” mentality quite perfectly… (they are having a free framing sale starting today-April 11). I will show you more once it arrives!

I’m going to be easy on myself this month, do things I love to do, and enjoy the very inklings of a beautiful new season. What are you looking forward to most this month? Happy April, everyone!


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