Brunch on Chestnut May Moodboard
May Mood

Time has a mind of its own–I don’t think I will ever wrap my mind around its speed. Spring is about to make its debut and I’m so ready for it. It’s the season of penciling in summery things on the calendar and popping open rosé on a Tuesday just because. Someone just texted me and asked me what we’re doing for fourth of July– you see? I dub it the party planner of months. I also feel like there’s good juju when the first day of the month falls on a Monday. A new day, a new month, a new woman!

One of the best things about vacation is completely clearing your mind. I had a lot of time this past week to organize my thoughts which felt so good to cut through the clutter and give myself a nice little clean slate before heading back to reality. So, what I guess I’m trying to say is, Maui is good for your soul!

Here are a few things I’m looking forward to in the warm months to come…

juicy fruit from the farmer’s market
backyard patio hangs
bright floral bouquets (I want to create something really unique for an upcoming dinner)
sweet and musky candles 
fleeting sunsets
the prettiest golden hour
summery shadows
all things navy
sunkissed skin and makeup-free days
white linen clothing
opened windows and light indie tunes
perpetual ponytail (because lately, I’ve felt like Mowgli)
picnics with rosé and a good read
long weekend plans (4th, holla)
watermelon popsicles (my newest obsession)
summer skincare routine (sharing mine soon because my skin has never looked better)


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