Time has a mind of its own–I don’t think I will ever wrap my mind around its speed. Spring is about to make its debut and I’m so ready for it. It’s the season of penciling in summery things on the calendar and popping open rosé on a Tuesday just because. Someone just texted me and asked me what we’re doing for fourth of July– you see? I dub it the party planner of months. I also feel like there’s good juju when the first day of the month falls on a Monday. A new day, a new month, a new woman!

One of the best things about vacation is completely clearing your mind. I had a lot of time this past week to organize my thoughts which felt so good to cut through the clutter and give myself a nice little clean slate before heading back to reality. So, what I guess I’m trying to say is, Maui is good for your soul!

Here are a few things I’m looking forward to in the warm months to come…

juicy fruit from the farmer’s market
backyard patio hangs
bright floral bouquets (I want to create something really unique for an upcoming dinner)
sweet and musky candles 
fleeting sunsets
the prettiest golden hour
summery shadows
all things navy
sunkissed skin and makeup-free days
white linen clothing
opened windows and light indie tunes
perpetual ponytail (because lately, I’ve felt like Mowgli)
picnics with rosé and a good read
long weekend plans (4th, holla)
watermelon popsicles (my newest obsession)
summer skincare routine (sharing mine soon because my skin has never looked better)

thoughts, ideas, questions...

The reason I keep coming back to your blog is because you share a variety of things. I love your home, recipe, outfit, restaurant, get-a-ways, travel, winery blog posts. I always leave more inspired. I love that you use your camera often to capture moments and it helps that your photography is always beautiful.
In the next couple of months I’d love to see winery, home updates, outfits, dining (at home or out) posts. Sharing things that you do in San Francisco would be great too. But you do that anyway, so just keep doing what you’ve been doing 🙂
Right now the warmer weather is inspiring me. There’s so much more fun to be had when the weather is gorgeous!

I have been wanting to do something like, my ideal day in San Francisco on a weekend. Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions, it means a lot you stop by to read!! x

P.S. Loved being able to see Maui through Instagram! Looking forward to your Maui blog posts!

Aw, thank you!! It was so much fun.

Hey there-

Currently im feeling inspired by all things fresh and clean. The saying less is more is becoming my moto. Intimate dinner tables-capes, al fresco dining , and minimalist interior designs have been my go to search on pinterest here lately. I love the variety your blog offers and your photography is deff one of my fav’s. Id love to see more post about blogging tips, photography editing , and interiors. I think this convo thread is a good way to connect with your readers which is what ive always liked about your insta and blog how you respond and convo with your readers ! Thanks and look forward to upcoming content.

Thank you so much, Nicole! Yes, I need to post more home stuff for sure… I have this weird mindset of needing to be “home tour ready” but it’s fun to see spaces evolve and change. It inspires me when I see that myself, so going to try and share more home tidbits regularly. Also love the idea of photo editing… it’s an on-going learning experience with my camera but recently I feel like I’ve uncovered a few life changing things. Coming up soon! Thank you again so much for saying hi!

I have been loving blue and white table settings, black and white photography, natural makeup and skincare, cotton shirt-dresses, and picnics lately.

I would love to see a San Francisco guide for those moving to the city. Safe areas to live, closet essentials, ways to find new friends, things like that. I am moving to San Francisco in August and have no idea where to look for places and am pretty sure my San Diego wardrobe may not cut it.

All of those things sound so dreamy side by side! Love it – thank you so much for sharing!

I would be happy to put together a post around lifestyle at its best in SF. If you’re starting to look now, definitely look in these neighborhoods: Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, (some areas in Lower Pacific Heights are nice and safe– stick around Fillmore and don’t go south of California. Also super cute area all around Alta Plaza Park), North Beach, Russian Hill (loved living over here, felt very quintessential SF, but try and stay in the northern part, lower get’s close to sketch areas), Hayes Valley, Presidio Heights, Laurel Heights. I would check out the first five neighborhoods I listed if you want to be walking distance to a ton. I love living over here because I have everything I need within a 10 block radius. I’ve lived in 5 neighborhoods since moving here, and there’s nothing better than being in Marina/Cow Hollow/Pac Heights… it’s just lively, safe, fun, and close to everything. 🙂 x