Editor’s Note, 8.19

Soaking it alllllll up.

In the (almost) ten years living in this beautiful city––this summer has been, by far, the most glorious. Karl the Fog usually throws all the shade and we have to wait patiently from June through Fogust, until September rolls around and our Indian Summer begins to shine through… like the light at the end of a tunnel. But we’ve been cruising with the top down for the past couple of months, and it’s just been such a breath of fresh air. Should I start a poetry side business?

In all seriousness, though. I have been soaking it all in. Savoring this summer, all the moments, relaxing, and easy living. Although it’s been kind of fun to start seeing glimpses of autumn on new arrivals… I don’t feel ready to bring up the ‘F’ word quite yet. Let’s do our best to breathe in the summer air, plunge into water, enjoy those sweaty glasses of rosé while we still can.

On my calendar

This month we have lots of stuff going on! Matt and I are heading to Lord Huron tonight (his B-Day present from yours truly), and we’re so excited. Both huge fans of theirs, in fact, we had our bridal party walk down the aisle to Ends of the Earth… and had a bevy of their tunes peppered throughout all our wedding playlists. They are just heavenly to listen to. I have a few fun work things, like a Michael Minna lunch, meeting a favorite brand who will be in town next week, and a trip to wine country–– all coming soon! Also, lots of honeymoon prep. We are all booked but need to sort out our must-do list… which is coming so nicely. I cannot wait, 1-month countdown!

Inspired by

To be honest, this week was a  l o n g  one. Feeling a little blah at the moment and am looking forward to a restful, reset-button weekend. Time continues to prove that running my own business is a constant juggle. Perpetually trying to maintain equilibrium––feeling inspired, innovative, fresh, proactive––while also feeling good about my work/life balance. If one area is lacking, I can hang, but when a few things are a little off, I tend to lose my balance. I usually just need a moment to collect and feel grounded again. When I’m in blah mode, one of the cures is to load up on inspiration, so this month’s mood came at a perfect time.


“There is no statute of limitations on starting over. Re-invent yourself every day. Be the girl who walks barefoot and listens to the blues. Tomorrow, wear a trench coat and speak fierce truths. Be a phoenix. Be ashes. Burn down. Resurrect. Let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been.” ––Anna Nicolina

Have the best weekend! xx


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