August Mood ’18

August has arrived, ‘fogust,’ as we like to call it over here! I can confirm, it’s standing true to its name here in the city. It felt like winter yesterday, mist and all… but that’s okay because Indian Summer is coming right up! In case you’re not a local, San Franciscans experience summer in true form come September through the end of October. August forecast is a total tease… clouds peppered throughout, and when you think you’re going to get some sunshine midday a la your weather app, I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’ve been taking the time on foggy days to dream up ideas ahead, tackling admin things, wedding planning, and travel planning for a few things coming up. To me, August is the time to relax, refresh and prepare for the last final drops of summer head.

You guys, I’m so excited! The coolest/most unreal/exciting thing is happening to me at the end of this month. I’m going to try and keep it to myself until the time comes, but it’ll be one for the books for Brunch on Chestnut. We are heading off on our first international trip of the year, with a brand I adore… I have goosebumps writing this… it’s such an incredibly awesome opportunity that I feel so grateful I get to be a part of. I cannot wait to share more with you soon!

In other news, I am trying to get our apartment together for a big home tour shoot. I’m planning on doing an Instagram TV home tour the day the post goes live as well, which will be fun. It’s sometimes hard to feel out the space through photos, so thought that might be a nice touch.

Lastly, as you may have noticed, I did a massive closet ransack (again), and sold a ton of stuff on Depop! Honestly, my closet has never felt so minimal and bare which feels a little unsettling (TBH), but also so exhilarating. It has allowed me to hone in on the pieces I feel I could never part ways with, and ask myself why. Feel out what stands the test of time, what I reach for again and again. I need more of that in my closet. My style is very everyday, and so I aim for those effortless, easy things to slip on and feel great in. I’m learning what silhouettes suit me, what brands make me happy wearing/supporting and that last, where I should continue to shop for trendy more affordable pieces, and what things I should invest in. Going to share more on my thought process soon, so stay tuned.

August List

lock down a wedding venue (think we’re getting closer!)
…which leads me to more wine country day trips
a few fun photoshoots I’m planning with Taylor
map out our trip at the end of the month
day trip to Sausalito
more weekend hikes
farmer’s market trips (and test a couple bookmarked recipes)
capture our home tour/video
enjoy the sunshine as much as I can

Feels good to catch up! Hope you’ve had a wonderful start to August, thank you for stopping by to read!

All image sources are on my Tumblr

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