August Mood

Happy August! Can you believe it? I cannot… 2017 has been a doozy thus far. My arms are wide open for a new month and I’m feeling refreshed and inspired after a lovely weekend trip. There’s more summer fun to be had, but crunchy leaves and Holiday talks are arising as we speak. I will shamelessly be the first to mention the season shift… I’ve said this many times, but fall is my happiest season. My favorite quote says it best… life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

(The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favorite books that I read each year, and this quote has stuck with me forever). Fall brings a new lease of life, sartorial splendor, and a fresh perspective.

{ currently inspired by }
warm August days (hello, Indian summer!)
flowy feminine dresses
bold colors and unique silhouettes
velvet, satin, and metallic shoes
decadent scents
end of summer dinner parties
planning out outfits for our holiday in Tulum
home refresh / grounded, simple, neutral
revamping my closet for fall
new songs to sing (working on a playlist today)
new books to read (post coming soon re: my reading list)
injecting a (much more) active/healthy regimen
and a new mindset going forward with my content

{ for more inspiration }

I recently shared a few changes I’m making on Brunch on Chestnut
My Fall Shop is an evolving wish list and trend update destination
Come follow along on Pinterest, I’ve livened up my boards and update them daily
Not to play favorites, but Objects of Desire is high up there…

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  1. I literally don’t understand how it is August, I moved back to Houston in February and it feels like yesterday but that was in the WINTER! It always makes me think about how when I was younger and your parents would say maybe next week and a week felt like forever and now it 1000% get it!

    1. I know… it’s insanity. I feel like every year we say how fast it flies, and it is not slowing down one bit. This year so far has been very bland to me, but I’m so ready for fall… I feel like it has the most heart and I need some of that! 🙂 Hope all is well with the room decorating! x

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