Studying Color Stories

I live for change, so I’ve been having so much fun dreaming up new ideas for our house. After painting our office (we went with “Country Charm” by Kelly Moore) and having a big moment girl crush on Amanda Brooks (love her always but especially lately for some reason), I can’t help but want to inject much more color into our daily lives. I have always been drawn to homes with European charm and it’s my goal to evoke that mood and bring character to every little detail. I want our home to feel like being on vacation. For each room to have its own story and unique individual vibe.

I’ve always dreamed of creating a home for my kids that is inspiring, full of color, and that feels magical and expands the imagination. While I love a neutral palette, it’s time to add some fun hues into the mix. I’ve been saving so many fun spaces with such beautiful color stories to get my wheels turning. Excited to start adding pops of color by way of textiles, antique seating, drapery, and some more paint! I am inspired by color stories on a daily basis—interior imagery, landscaping, art, in magazines… inspiration truly is everywhere if you’re looking…

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