Editor’s Letter, 2.23

And it’s that time of year I pre-maturely look ahead to life after winter! I’m a spring baby after all.

Matt and I were outside this weekend enjoying a nicer afternoon in the sun. I was telling him how much I appreciate rituals/activities that you can only do in certain seasons. It allows for you to long for them and when they come back to you, it’s like seeing an old friend you’ve missed! They can evoke such happy memories and instantly transport you to how you felt in the past. As we bundled this weekend in our backyard, I reminded him of a memory from summer. When we built a little cabana with linens to create shade while we sipped rosé as the sun set. We ended up doing this for many evenings to follow. Thinking about that golden-lit scene and care-free summer day got me excited to do it all again. I love the power of nostalgia. While we have a bit of winter left, planning and dreaming of moments like that help to get me through.

On another note. Something I have been thinking about a lot lately (thanks to Rick, obv) is channeling a “beginners mind”. With both life and work… seeing things with fresh eyes as much as possible. To let past experiences, beliefs, structure fall to the wayside. This thought has been so liberating. I have always had a childlike excitement towards life, beauty, and creativity but it’s easy to get into certain rhythms and habits though and to operate from familiarity. I want to keep myself open and on my toes. To try things backwards (like a makeshift cabana rather than using our outdoor umbrella!), explore outside of “my wheelhouse”, to follow curiosities more acutely… even if completely random. I just want to keep discovering anything and everything that brings on enchantment.

Some things I am looking forward to this month…

A few dinners on the calendar with friends. A spa day (a new monthly treat!). Solo time with Grace in the evenings as Matt is in the thick of busy season. Lots of pilates! IPL… was supposed to go in the fall but something came up. Snapping more photos again… spending quality time with my camera like old times. Biweekly city trips (a new routine). Waiting for our camellias to all bloom… *so many* buds are seemingly about to explode. Early morning rises to journal and meditate. More creative writing. Books before bed. Starting a spring/summer wishlist. Prepping and planning the garden. Buy tickets for live shows this year.

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  1. “ To let past experiences, beliefs, structure fall to the wayside.” This sentence alone can mean so many different things for different people and it resonates so much with me right now. I simply love your thoughts. These posts from you are my favorite. They help me view life in a better light when it sometimes seems dark, and not just because it’s winter. Thanks for being a light, Ashley!

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