Jewelry for your home

I fell in love with a door knob a couple of years ago while renting an old home in Sonoma (odd sentence? but it’s true!). The idea of them stayed with me with time… and a seed was planted. Once we signed off on new doors, I knew exactly what I wanted. I’ve always loved an egg shape, so that was original vision but after seeing the beautiful hammered metal, I thought to browse for those two traits. I discovered just the perfect piece from Emtek! Obsessed with their selection and will be looking to them for our kitchen hardware too.

I decided to go with unlaquered brass. Hardware is like the jewelry of your home. I wanted to do either unlaquered brass or polished nickel (we have both throughout, I am a metal mixer!) but ultimately felt that the gold would really shine and feel special. My eyes always seem to gravitate to things that work in harmony with light. Always thinking about how the sun will bounce off of pieces I collect, creating magical light leak / speck / rainbow moments at certain times of day. This type of scene has always taken my breath away. A moment of pause to be swept away by beauty. It’s an added bonus to the already spectacular…

Couldn’t love them more!


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