Editor’s Note, 12.21

Hi! I usually aim for the 1st of every month post date for these catch-ups but motherhood got in the way a bit. We had a tough week over here but was so nice to sit with my coffee this morning and finally get to it! Feeling all kinds of inspired lately and I am learning how to run with that rush in a whole new way. With new hurdles in my path (a teething babe) and free time being a little more fleeting. It actually kind of brings me back to the days where I was juggling my blog with a 9-5 job… but I have a much more demanding boss these days, haha! I am re-learning how to be much more productive and efficient with my time. Work in progress, but it really never feels like work spending time on here, it’s my longest love. Something I will always nurture.

December Agenda

Holiday parties have commenced! I spent last night with a handful of girlfriends who I usually plan a festive dinner with each year—we all hadn’t been together in 2 years since before the world tipped over. So much fun. We have our first holiday party this weekend, too. Excited to get dressed up! A couple of other dinners planned, but mainly soaking up the season (and hopefully lots of reading and relaxing).

I decided that I am going to give myself some time off starting end of next week so am aiming to have all work projects / anything I am working on now wrapped up and just decompress before the new year. I am sure I will continue to post things as I am excited to share, but it’ll be nice to have any kind of pressure off. December has a way of being equal parts so warm and wonderful but those to-do lists certainly can pile up quickly and add some stress, so trying to avoid that as best I can. Looking at those weeks off as time for self-care. I am definitely needing that so much as of late.

Treating myself to a facial in the city next week and that will be the wellness kick off! I go to City Laser Clinic on Maiden Lane in case you’re in need to treat yourself, too. I’ve been going to them for many years now (Marina, who is a co-founder, in particular) they are the best! So excited about it.

A little update: I edited my Holiday Mix playlist this week. I was listening to it while running errands and realized I had a handful of really annoying songs 😂 maybe I was in a MOOD (100%) but realized I hadn’t touched it since I created it many years ago. It needed some tweaking. I am REALLY into jazz since G was born (her favorite is “That’s All” by Ben Webster). Jazz soothes our souls, we listen all day and so I’ve really enjoyed adding some Christmas jazz to that playlist. I hope you enjoy it!

Inspired by

As I was browsing Tumblr’s for imagery for the moodboard this month, it got me thinking. Whenever I browse Tumblr, I am in such a good mood. It lifts me up, brings so many ideas and inspiration. It’s art, truly. Such beautiful imagery that needs no caption, they tell their own story and evoke such a mood!

Do the things you consume on social media/blogs, etc. make you FEEL something? Do you walk away lighter and excited about life and new ideas? That’s when digital consumption is worthy of your time. It brings me back to the infancy and wholesomeness of the blog era. The most magical! I always do a personal / digital cleanse this time of year. An unsubscribe / cut through the clutter party, if you will. Always good to check in with yourself and to hone in on what serves you, lights you up, brings value and meaning to your life. Spreading our attention and energy leads to burn out, so it’s something I always prioritize!

On another note, I am so inspired by new ideas and goals for my blog for the coming year (but jumping on them now!). I had such an incredible year work-wise and looking back feel really proud for what I accomplished while very pregnant / postpartum life. Pregnancy is no joke, but it just goes to show how important this blog is to me. It’s such a big part of my life that brings me so much joy and contentment. I have such a good feeling about 2022 and what’s to come. 🙂

In closing out the last month of the year, I want to thank you for being here. For always showing your support, kindness, encouragement, and for making me laugh a lot, too. I love this community.

Can you tell by this post how scattered my brain is this week? At least I’m self-aware… what it look inside of my brain right now below. Happy Friday!

Gift Ideas I’ve bookmarked

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