She Needs Her Own Post

It has been a long time that I have wanted to invest in a pre-loved Chanel bag and I am so happy with her! I have wanted something that was small and could wear with everything. To the grocery store, an errand, a picnic, wine country, a wedding, on the airplane. It’s truly an everyday bag. I also love the idea of giving this bag to Grace as a birthday or graduation gift at some point down the road, too! A girlfriend mentioned this to me and I think that’s such a special plan.

I am officially obsessed with Fashionphile—every Chanel piece I have now is from them. Each item has come either brand new or like new… and their selection is unmatched. SO many options when I have searched for pieces. Also, I love their price drop and back in stock alerts too in case they don’t have something you’re looking for. I’ve had the best experience so wanted to make note. I rounded up a few similar bags to the one I just brought home… xx


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