Editor’s Note, 12.22

I am so happy December is here! I will save the reflecting of the year and all that for another post, because there’s lots to write down. But for now, I am excited to soak up the last bit of 2022—the holiday season and all of its splendor.

For a lot of reasons, the coziness and merriment that December can bring  has been something that I’ve been needing in my life. The bundling up, twinkly lights, indulgent coffee orders, decorating our home and tree, and the warm and fuzzies that ensue when tuning into Christmas jazz… I’m here for it all. Writing this from our living room with G home sick from daycare with our tree lit and while it rains outside, and I feel content. This month is about just going with the flow of life and making the very most of moments.

I know this time of year can feel heavy—I have shared this in past posts, but I’ve had some lonely holiday memories before meeting Matt. Just want to send love to all. Know that even if you don’t feel excited about the next few weeks, you can change the narrative and make it your own. What makes you happy? What fills your cup? What can you do to wrap up this year so that you feel amazing on day 1/365 in 2023? Make a list of things that light you up and plug that time in your calendar. Treat yourself, you deserve it!!

Here’s what I’m looking forward to…

Baking apple cinnamon muffins this week
Grace’s first impression of Santa
Nutcracker for my first time with Matt
Decorating our home — it’s a slow process with a toddler!
Sips of champagne, it hits different this time of year
Wearing cashmere knits teamed with silk
The smell of fresh baked cookies
Early nights in bed with a book
Fondue night, a tradition
festive dressed-up dinner dates with friends
Nights spent by our tree (want to watch Spirited this week!)
A slow Christmas week
Steamed crab for Xmas dinner
& closing my laptop for a wine country week for NYE!

Hope you have a relaxing and cozy month ahead! Some fun finds of late for the season x

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