Editor’s Note, 3.22

Hi! — I hope you are doing well and hanging in there. Life is feeling a bit somber lately with current events happening—it was not as effortless for me to put this together today. But the beauty of art and creation is that it’s there to lift our spirits when we need it. Writing this today as a way to do just that.

March intentions and to-do’s

My birthday is on Monday so I planned a quick wine country escape with some of my girlfriends this weekend. So looking forward to it! A couple tastings, grilling pizzas, and just catching up in my happy place!

Matt wraps up his busy season (finally) next week as well which will be so nice. The end always feels like a marathon to get back to our lives (and I am not the one working until midnight!). Very much looking forward to more time together again. Also, it’s such nice timing that daylight savings is coming up as well. I was telling a friend recently how I always am so excited about more light during the day, however, I think as a new parent it’s going to be even more life-changing! Feeling like there are more hours in the day will be warmly welcomed.

M and I also have our first couple of nights away from Grace this month. Heading to our very favorite resort (can you guess?). We had a trip booked in March ’20 and obviously had to reschedule, so it’s long overdue!

I, of course, won’t leave out blabbering about our yard! Today we have some work being done that we’ve been waiting for a long time now. After the storm this winter, an area of our yard flooded so we realized we needed to add some more drainage. Needed to get this done before wrapping up the rest, so it’ll be exciting to get this part over with and carry on! I will be happy to share more soon once things unfold a bit.

My intentions this month are similar to last: self-care is so necessary these days. I found myself in a bad head space this week. Those moments when you realize you’ve spun out of control and you know what you can do to steer back towards your path but you feel stuck. An overwhelming sense of resistance. I’ve been taking some time to myself to recollect. Hope you are taking good care of yourself, too!

And lastly, I am always focused on making daily rituals in my life a special experience. Dreaming up new ways to inject happiness into my routine for spring. Lots of outdoor time, testing spring recipes, entertaining friends, gardening, and getting excited for all that is to come with the season with Grace in tow!

Updates for you

I launched a new “spring shop” under the shop tab on my menu that will continue to grow with time! I love spring shopping…

Net-A-Porter is having a buy more save more big sale off full priced items — as always, bookmarking favorited in my NAP edit (also under shop tab!). There are some exclusions, but so many amazing things are fair game…

That’s all I got for now!

Things of note as of late


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