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Every so often I feel in my gut that I need to take a step back and find some equilibrium with myself — I always listen to that instinct, it’s why things have been a little quieter over here as of late! Between the business of life lately, full-time mom-ing, and getting my new Studio site up and running, creating has taken the back seat, but I am excited to dive back in this month and continue with regularly programming. My plate had cleared and I miss my blog!

On my calendar

May is shaping up to be a fun month! Since our backyard foundation is *finally* done, we are having a little bbq this coming weekend with friends on Saturday. And then celebrating Mother’s Day (my first as a new mom!) on Sunday over brunch and sunshine hangs.

We have a couple of trips up to wine country—G’s first weekend staying at a resort up there with us, which I am really excited about! I know it’s a little different with a little one in tow, but looking forward to spending time with her by the pool and strolling around one of our favorite areas.

A couple of birthday celebrations and a baby shower. Most weekends are filled in on our calendar, all in which I am really looking forward to…

On my mind

Change. Something I have been thinking about a lot lately, and how much it’s part of who I am. Some dislike change and prefer to stick with what they know—but for me—change has been the story of my life, really. The catalyst for my growth, evolution, and fuel for my creativity. I live for it! Endlessly tinkering, rearranging, changing.

I think this quality of mine is part of why I have been blogging for so long. I never run out of things I want to write about/document because my interests and curiosities are perpetually changing. It keeps things interesting! My eyes are always open to new ideas, always seeking beauty in different places.

I’ve had an itch to change some things up around our house since living here a year and getting a sense of what I love/what has worked, and what things could be updated/elevated. Lots of home updates this month!

I was listing some home pieces for sale with my studio members and someone mentioned how they couldn’t believe I was selling a couple of the things that I did. One thing that I think is so important about designing a space, is to not be hard on yourself if you change your mind. You are not committed to anything, even if it was an investment. I believe that you should look at your space and love every detail. There are times when I collect something new and I adore it, but something even better comes along… or my style evolves in another direction… or I simply change my mind! Knowing that this OK… is freeing.

Keepin’ you on your toes 4ever!


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