Raffia Forever

5 months ago

In love with this bag—it needed a post of its own.

Raffia bags are a big weakness for me… I feel like I can never have enough, as odd as it sounds, as I know some might feel they are strictly for summer and beach excursions! I wear mine year round (aside from rainy days)… they bring me a lot of happiness!

This one just might be my vary favorite of the bunch now, but each in my collection has its own vibe and it’s nice to be able to rotate. A bit of an investment but the quality is incredible and it’s just such a work of art in my eyes. Will be well-loved and worn for many years…

Mytheresa has *such* an insane selection right now… collected some other favorites below! They are also doing a promo within their app for 10% off and some of these pieces are included! x


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