Editor’s Note, 6.23

Delicious are those moments on a summer weekend—coated in coconut SPF, long afternoons in the sun, pool dips, running through sprinklers, frozen yogurt shop visits. The smell of fresh cut grass and grilling on the bbq (specifically cedar plank salmon). I honestly even like the smell of chlorine. Lake Tahoe weekends—the idea of waking up early, grabbing coffee, and watching the calm glittering waves of the lake brings me so much joy. A juicy book under an umbrella, the first sip of ice cold rosé, grabbing veg from the garden for a healthy seasonal meal. The rituals of summer are quite idyllic if you ask me…

I can’t believe June has arrived already—and my little Gemini is turning two in just a couple of weeks! This upcoming season is going to be a fun one with that little beam of sunshine. I need to write down thoughts of late on motherhood—since my last note, it just keeps getting better and better. I don’t know how I can love that girl any more but I know from experience it’s possible and never ending. Such a beautiful gift that comes with motherhood. She is loving the first glimpses of this season we’ve started to see unfold. It’s my favorite thing—watching her in moments of wonder. We start our renovation at the end of summer, so it’s my goal to really soak up this beautiful quiet time with my family.

Also, because I know that all newness is coming with the reno, I’ve been tackling some other smaller(ish) projects on the side as well so everything ends up looks collectively fresh and lovely. After having new closets installed and meeting my new fave painter—he was able to smooth the walls in our office, Grace’s room, and is finishing up our room this week. It’s something that has sort of eaten away at my eyeballs since we moved in. I had asked a couple of others in the past if it could be done, but they made it seem like a massive production—and even suggested moving out! I couldn’t believe it when I had the guts to ask just once more and hearing the words, yes can do! It’s been such a breeze experience with literally zero dust to show for it. Never give up on your dreams people!!

All of the bedrooms in particular all had 2-3 walls that were badly beaten up / weird textures and clearly unprofessional attempts from previous owners to patch up and conceal wear and tear. It truly feels night and day to me now when I walk into a room with beautiful walls! So worth the investment. More to come on this soon, I will be excited to share some photos of the spaces once all done in a few days!

On a last note—simplicity is still very much on my mind right now. Unsubscribing from emails and snail mail, I cleaned out my closet, have been fine-tuning my work flow and outsourcing parts of my process that takes away from the creative work. It has been a work in process, but I know that my future self will thank me for getting ahead of this so that I can give energy and focus to what needs it the most! More time for the things in my life that keep my tank full.

Summer is the perfect season to run with this less is more mentality. Cheers to June—and a season of wonder, sunshine, longer days, and lots of fun!


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