Editor’s Note, 6.24

Hi and happy June! This is where the plans really start to pick up for our family—having everyone in the house’s birthday to celebrate (except mine) in the next month… plus, our wedding anniversary, and the kickoff of the summer season. The last couple of days have been the warmest of the year so far (so thankful for windows and doors that do their job!!), getting me excited to fill our calendar with lots of waterside activities!

June — lean into slowness, have fun!

When putting these posts together, I love this part! An opportunity to sit and think about how I view the month ahead. It allows me to tap into what I’m hoping for and needing in this current season of life. A nice little ritual we can all adopt when turning the page to a new month! Leaning into slow summer days sounds divine. With time spent under the sun, hopefully by water of some kind, no better time to sit back, relax, and enjoy. It’s what summer is all about.

Plans and rituals

Grace turns 3 on June 18th and our 5 year anniversary is on the 28th! We have a few other friend and family birthdays to celebrate, a couple trips, and thank god… Love Island UK comes back on the 11th. Bless. I have never been a reality tv show fan (okay aside from early days of Bachelor until they all went on for fame > love)… this show is somehow such a comfort? I am so picky with tv… especially these days.

I just want to laugh, be inspired, or learn something. I think I’m so fond of Love Island because, with so many episodes… and British people being the best… you get to witness real relationships form. After a handful of episodes they get comfy and you see real interactions and evolution. You watch friendships bloom, love unfold, bromance. It’s rare! By the end, it’s most likely your heartstrings have been tugged in one way or another and you feel like some are your own friends. If you haven’t dabbled yet, I am so jealous because you have 589,765 episodes (UK ONLY!).

Savoring the season

Going to treat this one as a little bucket list, like old times! Thinking up, on the spot, things I would like to do while making the most of the start of summer…

homemade popsicles with Grace
farmer’s Market Sundays
Artist dates in SF!
soaking up Hugo season
enjoying the scent of Jasmin linger in from the garden
a family day in the city
lots of pool club time
escape to Scribe with Matt on a Friday afternoon
farm to table dinner party
movie on our patio after G goes to bed
get back into morning pages
early morning pilates in the garden
a solo museum date
al fresco date night with girlfriends
reading in the sun

Have a beautiful month ahead! x

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