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A bit of backlog to share today! It's been a busy month. Grace is officially sleeping like a champ in her big girl bed and is fully potty trained! So proud of her and really can't believe how she's tip-toeing (per usual) out of toddlerhood and into childhood. It's been a really nice and fun transition but certainly can lead to feeling a little emotional! It's her final week in the youngest class at Preschool, too, she's moving on up on Monday.

Time is flyinggggg. Some snaps and happening lately. 

The snap above is me admiring my new chartreuse beaded bracelet. Crushing on this color lately. The rope/diamond is a vintage find (someone said it looks like Jade Trau which made me happy, she is a favorite!), and my heart tag ID with an "M" on it. Also noteworthy, this beautiful navy knit (Ashley10 for a little discount). I don't have a navy sweater and love the idea of teaming it with white. And love these Leset shorts (also bought them in black)! So beautiful and comfortable. 

Matt and I stepped outside with wine after saying goodnight to Grace and I glanced over to this lovely view. I love it here!

P.s. This morning I noticed that McGee & Co are having a sitewide sale right now. Our chairs, table, and tablecloth are all included!

Outfit from a Saturday in the city. Wearing an old favorite Johanna Ortiz skirt (found one here), Jenni Kayne sweater (went a size up, AshleyK15 for 15% off), Isabel Marant Leather jacket, Freda Salvador Flats (the most comfy! 15AshleyK), Dragon Diffusion bag.

We went to feed the ducks at Palace of Fine Arts and then grabbed a bite at our good friends bar Celeste! Lalo is the absolute best (he also own Bodega, our favorite, and Key Klub). Cannot say enough good things about everything he brings to life. Been trying to persuade him to open something in the East Bay for pure selfish benefits. 

A few sent notes asking about the little green strap—it's a few years old, The Row 'Owen Pouch' in a green suede. It has been sold out for years but I am sure if you stay consistent, you could find it on a secondhand shop. I love their little pouches, I have this one, too, and use them all the time as stand-alone clutches for meals out—or to organize the inside of totes. P.S. All these articles popping up saying The Row is having a moment... I feel like they have been leading in the design world for years now? Either way, deserving praise because MK & A know what's up and always have. 

Also note: when you are needing a little reset, my standing perpetual advice is to get outside in nature. Park days on the grass and nature hikes have been feeding the soul... and before it gets way too hot.

I pre-ordered the T-Lock Croc Clutch awhile back and it recently arrived. So in love! I bought the cognac leather T-Lock when it first released and it's such a favorite. The quality is so nice and I just really love the shape of these bags.

Speaking of the Olsens, this was definitely influenced by them. I got an EIP Net-A-Porter email last year announcing The Row croc bags coming soon and I emailed inquiring about the price... $45k. I gagged. I'll take the Toteme, thank you!

This might be the most random find of the month, but I stumbled upon these super soft cotton tank sets from this shop via Pinterest. I ordered and absolutely love them! I like to sleep in this sort of thing in the summer, so want to pass along in case anyone else might like them! I got size small in the ivory and ended up ordering a white set, too.

I need to get around to shooting a home tour, I know. Truthfully, the final days of the remodel, we found out that 2 of the 3 the fridge panel doors and a couple window panels were wrong. Since then, they've sent my contractor 2 sets of fridge panels, one delivery damaged and the other was incorrect. The windows are finally all set, but now still waiting for kitchen to be fully complete. The fun is still going on as you see! 🙃 I don't know when I became such a perfectionist and banked on everything being "fully done" to shoot... but here we are. I'll check in with the GC and try and push past this excuse!

In other news though, it has been a total dream to wake up everyday to a home we designed with so much love. Still surreal and all the more grateful as time passes on and as we really get to live and enjoy what we've built.

This Simon Miller dress spoke to me—had to indulge the call for the most fun 4th of July outfit. I did my true size and it's perfect. It's that same material they always use for their ribbed pieces. You might recall I always talked about and wore a white long sleeve in this fabric many years ago.

I've always had this thought... are home shots better at night?? I love my house when its drenched in light—but in the evening when the sun goes down and the lights and candles are on... it's just something else.

Last week before my baby turns 3. Nothing inspires me more in this world than watching you grow into the magical person you are, G.


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