Editor’s Note, 7.22

On my calendar

We are off to our family friend’s Carneros getaway spot this weekend to celebrate Matt’s birthday and the long holiday! I’m happy to see that temps won’t be crazy high (good news for my knits!) and we will have bluebird days in the valley. I hope you have some fun plans as well!

I have a wedding on the agenda for next weekend back up in wine country that I am so excited about — really enjoying this consecutive weekend stint! And potentially one other getaway at the end of the month as well. Other than that, we will be sticking around and I will have lots of time to create a whole new weekly routine for myself…

I’m starting therapy this month for the first time ever! I don’t know how I held off for so long honestly. I’ve always been pretty self-aware and have had to go through a lot in my life alone… so I learned how to process and move on. However, I’ve known deep down for a very long time that I need some help to heal and let go of past experiences that have effected me. They’ve been swept under the rug and carried with me over half my life. I am ready to work it all out.

I think since having Grace, I haven’t had the mental capacity and time to process things as I normally do… and so, I hit a wall. I read Jacey Duprie’s book recently (which I have been meaning to put a post together on this because I have a lot of thoughts, other than I loved it!) and her story is what pushed me to taking action. I’m excited!

On my mind

It has been a difficult handful of months for me mentally. I’ve felt like I have been swimming upstream, trying to juggle all the things I love — at 50% battery. We start daycare next week and although I am feeling really bittersweet about it… I know it will be so good for all of us to continue to grow and fill up our own cups in ways we need. I know that in order for me to be the best version of myself, it’s essential that I have time to focus on my well-being and work. Ready for it!

Lately, I have had this strong urge to be near the ocean. Being able to walk to the water while living in the city was such a gift. The view of a coastline, smell of the ocean air, sand beneath your feet, the sound of the waves… is just so incredibly grounding. I’m missing it and needing that! So, we are plotting a local getaway. If you have any rental recs in Carmel, Santa Cruz or any other drivable areas send them my way!

Lastly, talks of our kitchen reno are surfacing and I am thrilled about it. 🙂 I literally will be beaming the day they gut this thing and I see nothing but a blank canvas before me. Going to be so so good!

On my wishlist

I just put together a little round up on weekly things here — and don’t forget to take a peek at the 4th of July sale shop I put together if you want to get into it!

Cheers to the weekend!! Stay safe and have fun x
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