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Summer feels like it’s slipping by so quickly… ready to savor these beautiful sunshine-filled days before fall creeps up next month!

I skipped over our July editor’s note as my hands were quite full, but I’m excited to be back to it. I’ve officially surpassed 6-weeks postpartum and recovery-wise, I’m doing really good—lately I’ve felt like I reached a massive turning point. Part of me is itching to get back to work and fuel up on inspiration, but I’m also exhausted. Keeping a tiny human alive is no joke!

Grace has been such a good sleeper, but I feel like we were running on adrenaline the first month or so and I’ve started to hit a wall. We had a long weekend with this little nap protestor, so might just be today, but either way… I’m planning to rest up when I can this month because sleep is so important!


Besides napping, there is some fun to be had that I’m very much looking forward to. Matt and my first date night out this coming weekend—heading to our good friends’ wedding. It was delayed from last summer so it’s been a long time coming and we can’t wait! The following week, we are taking our first family trip with Grace up to wine country for a couple of nights. We are staying at our family friend’s house that I’ve shared snippets of in the past and my girlfriend Sophie (and her family) are joining us while they are in town. I love spending time up there, bbq-ing, playing bocce ball, and we have a few tasting books while we’re up there, too, obvs.

As for the rest of the month, I for-see snoozy backyard hangs aplenty, dinner parties with friends to break in our new outdoor furniture, lots of walks and hikes with the babe, pool time, and bit by bit—diving back into some work.

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I’m back to my garden/backyard projects! We have a ton of space so it’s a bit overwhelming, but have prioritized what areas we want to tackle initially—I’m looking forward to sharing more of that process with you guys!

It’s amazing how much more time we have been spending on our little patio terrace since our furniture arrived. We turn on music in our living room and open the windows so we can hear it out there while we sit and enjoy our coffee each morning. I’m also so excited to finally have a chaise lounge—I am a big lounge lizard in the summer if you didn’t know that about me…

I may sound like a broken record but I am *beyond ready and motivated to get back into shape. Literally it’s such a mind F how things don’t fit me… there have been moments where I feel like baby weight has shedded off and I feel smaller, but then I put on something and NOPE… { quickly removes from body, hangs up, and slips back into my workout pants haha }. I am trying very hard to remain patient and be kind to myself through this process, but it’s definitely hard.

However, now that I am able to work out, I’ve been feeling so much better. Even just spending 30 minutes doing pilates or a peloton ride, which I haven’t done in a while now, has felt incredible. I am needing movement just as much mentally as I do physically, so that’s a big focus for me right now.

It feels nice to get back into the swing of things, one baby step at a time…

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Give yourself grace (pun seriously not intended, lol) … your body/mind/spirit needs time. You are doing a great job!!!


Oh Mama! You are doing great, give yourself grace about the body changes. That was the hardest part of post partum for me- accepting my “new” body. I know it’s not always what you want to hear, (because I know I didn’t want to hear it!) but six weeks is seriously no time at all!!! Your body created a human! Do what movement makes you feel good, and buy something you love that fits now 🙂 I fought that for a long time and spent way too much of my daughter’s first year feeling utterly terrible about my body, beating myself up every time I tried to wear something that didn’t fit. Now my daughter is almost two and I’m still not my pre-pregnancy size, but with time I grew to love and appreciate what my body did even more. If naps or sleep continue to be a struggle I can’t recommend Taking Cara Babies enough, the sample schedules of how often to feed / offer a nap really helped us get a good routine down and our girl sleeps so well, I think because of the info we learned with that class 🙂 Anyway this was much longer than I intended! Enjoy that sweet girl and the fun things you have planned this month! xo


I recognise for 100% the feeling you have about your changed body, I also struggled quite a lot with this. My advice is to buy just a few pieces of clothing that properly fit you at this moment, and that make you feel great (for me, it was a good fitting pair of high waisted jeans and denim shorts). Forcing yourself to fit in too tight denim doesn’t help anybody 🙂 (pleading very guilty here)