Things of Note 8.23.21

Hi! Over the last few months I have been saving so many good finds and inspiration and felt like I needed to channel some of that energy into a Things of Note post! So here we are. A handful of things that have me excited for the transition to a fresh new season…


Lately I have received a few notes from readers inquiring about thoughts on custom wedding band/ring styles.There are SO many cool designers out there who create the most magical pieces. Sophie Bille Brahe is a very favorite who I love following. Someday I would love to have a custom ring from her… everything she creates is so special. I also adore Jane Pope (as you know) and Jade Trau.


Each fall I like to invest in 1 nice sweater that I know will be loved and last me many many years. I don’t have anything from Lauren Manoogian, but have always been drawn to her knits whenever this time of year comes around…


I randomly stumbled upon this shop while perusing Pinterest and thought this mesh bag was such a cute grocery store companion! I don’t know why but lately I keep gravitating to totes and thinking the same sentiment… perhaps it’s my current reboot into healthy mode and loving grocery runs? No idea but in case you need a good one!


My friend Ashley (who is a super talented makeup artist in NY) always gives me such good recs for beauty things and recently shared this bath oil— she says to mix with this! Her go-to pick-me-up recipe for blah days…


I have this chair and I absolutely love it. Such a good price point for how beautiful it is… similar to my outdoor chairs that I love so much. Had to share!


As I mentioned here, Aerin just launched a new fragrance that celebrates the decadence of fall and it’s so lovely! In case you need a new one for the season ahead.


I am such a big fan, admirer, and collector of Alighieri pieces, in fact, I mention them in most of my roundups. So special and timeless—and I had to give a shout out as they were recently ripped off by a major British designer, which was sad to see as its a small business with such a distinct and unique style. Love them forever and will always support and spread the word. Love these earrings so much.


One more from Alighieri… on my wishlist!


I mentioned how I discovered these jeans by Frame recently called “le one“… they fit 6 different sizes which is so cool! Especially thankful for these right now as I very slowly ease back into fitting my wardrobe. Wearing jeans again is giving me life!


Have you heard of Carla Colour? I’m obsessed. These sunnies are my ideal dream for f/w!


And lastly… it’s that time of year to clear out Instagram and make sure you’re only following accounts who bring you nothing but inspiration and joy! I love doing this and ensuring that my feed is serving me in the best way. A snap from a favorite Elle Denmark Editor with the best style! x

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