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Hello! Happy September! And long holiday weekend…

A few days late, but that’s my life right now. Still getting into the swing of things! Being a full-time mom and learning to balance my passions again. I feel like I used to when I had a 9-5 job and would squeeze in any ounce of time I could get into inspiration hunting, creating, snapping photos, and collecting all on my blog.

Not going to lie, I have been feeling really exhausted lately. And not because of my almost 3 month old. Mentally drained from the times we are living in. The pandemic—which things felt so hopeful earlier this summer and now we are back to questioning everything. The news on tv every damn day. My goodness, it is all just so heavy. It’s overwhelming, scary, sad, appalling. I’ve been feeling low because it all circles my head and I just want everyone to be happy and live the life they want to live. That’s what it is all about… finding happiness, being good to yourself and to others, enjoying the time we have here. Life is too short. Anyway, not as inspired as of late to be honest, but I am trying my best to see the light… to show up for myself and family, and to continue pouring myself into things I love. I hope you are hanging in there and doing things that bring a smile to your face each day.

September agenda

My little fam is off to wine country tomorrow to stay with friends for the holiday weekend. I met Sarah through work in 2019, she and her parents own Bricoleur Vineyards, and we’ve become good friends over the years. They had a baby girl in February, so this will be the first time getting the little ladies together! They also have the sweetest lab named Lulu who Scout adores. They have the best time ever jumping into swimming pools together so I am very much looking forward to seeing Scouty so happy. He’s been a little blue lately, it seems. He is much better about G, he kisses her and always comes and sits next to her, but I still think he’s feeling a little jealous! Gotta perk that little muffin up! Going to be a relaxing few days up there poolside, bbq-ing, and enjoying adult time/good food and wine.

Other than that, we don’t really have a whole lot! We are back to being a tiny nervous about the Delta Variant with the baby. Most likely outdoor dinner party hangs with friends for the most part this month. I am hoping it cools down slightly—ready to enjoy our yard a bit more before the cold slap of fall comes in.

Inspired by

We had our fence stained today and it has my WHEELS TURNING, haha. Looks so much better! I told Matt I want to go back to the nursery and get a handful of vines to crawl up the fence and plant a few more evergreen things around our grass area to slowly start filling things in back there. I think it’s going to look so good once we get a few things checked off!

I have a handful of new work projects coming up that have me inspired. I feel really lucky to (for the most part) attract the nicest humans over here and the same goes for the brands who approach me to collaborate. When it comes to my blog / what I create, I’ve always let things naturally unfold and I’m forever grateful for what blogging has brought my way.

I’m also so inspired by f/w style content! It is my absolute favorite season when it comes to fashion. Decadent investment pieces, textures, hues… I live for it. So lots to come on that topic. Also… I fit into my stretchiest jeans, hallelujah! I have ways to go to fit into the rest, but hey, I will take it.

Since my rings are fitting as well, I have been loving wearing my stacks again. The rings featured in the moodboard are by a favorite jewelry designer, Louis Abel — I have a couple rings on their way to me so will share those soon. 🙂

That’s it for now—happy long weekend, friends! xx

Things of note lately

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