My Thoughts on Postpartum Essentials

Postpartum is a wild ride, *especially the first couple of weeks. I definitely had a mini market of items to help me recover and feel comfortable, but there were certain heroes that I was so happy to have on hand.

Things I used on repeat that got me by…

—Nighttime briefs… as someone who had a c-section, feeling supported around my lower belly area was crucial. I loved these and these! I initially ordered 1 set of each and eventually ordered another set since I loved and relied on them daily.

Compression socks… massively important for myself personally postpartum… I left the hospital SO incredibly puffy after being on an IV for 4.5 days. No fun… but these helped a lot!

Bumpsuit waist trainer. I wore this for the first month and it was so helpful. This can be used whether you had a c section or not, it holds everything together which was a must for me through the healing process.

—I lived in lounge the first month, so treating yourself to a pretty pair of sweats/lounge things is really nice. I shared my sweats above under the featured image, they are a very favorite.

—Postnatal vitamins, I loved Perelel all through pregnancy, still taking these as they have a postpartum packet, too!

—Nighttime sweats are REAL. It’s cray. Mine only lasted 4-5 days, but this fan on my nightstand was helpful! Also, definitely consider getting a mattress cover, I did not (I laid a towel under me) and probably should have!

—A water bottle, I was so thirsty in those first few weeks. I have this one and love it. This brand has such cute storage systems, too, by the way!

I’m wearing Shaina Mote Knit
Skin Joggers

I hope this was helpful! xx

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