Editor’s Note, 9.22

For fun (and out of curiosity) I clicked on my September note from last year to see where I was a year ago. Evolution has been a big topic for me lately (as you might have been picking up). Going through a lot of self-reinvention. Looking back to that post, I was a new mom to a 3 month old. I can tell from my writing how tired I was. No personality shining through those paragraphs, to say the least! Although I have been working through a lot of stuff this summer, I can see that version of myself and realize how far I’ve come.

Something that really excites me about these moments in our life of hanging out with a question mark — has always led me to landing steadily in a new place that feels much more authentic to an evolved version of self. It’s growth.

Having spent this past month devoting most of my time to self-care and reflection has been incredibly grounding. I am feeling really good! I’m immersing myself into rituals that fill up my tank—small good habits every day that slowly make a massive impact. I swear to god, every time I get into a good flow of working out, nourishing my body, writing, meditating, reading—I always feel amazing. And wonder—why do I ever get off the bandwagon!

On my calendar

Funny you ask! I spent all morning plugging things into mine. Trying to utilize my gmail calendar more for time-blocking and planning my days. Which—although we are only on day one—it’s already proven to be super helpful. I tend to be a ~ too many tabs open ~ distractible Pisces, but I’m working on it.

Literally plugging in each or every couple of hours – and that includes time for movement, self-care, artist dates, inspiration hunting, errands—not just work related, I’m needing some structure but also a nudge to continue to do things for myself that uplift and keep me going!

I also hired a creative / organization assistant to help clear my plate a bit each week so I can focus on bigger picture things. I may hire one more person to help with admin stuff, which I am very excited about. I have held off on outsourcing for most of my self-employment, but it’s most definitely time!

Other than digital and mental organization — my calendar is pretty clear in September (ps sorry for the delayed post this month… halfway through it now oops). Lots of walks, pilates, writing, creative time penciled in. October we have some fun stuff, but you’ll hear more about that soon…

On my mind

Less these days, thank goodness — and a large part is thanks to the Pathway course by To Be Magnetic (and devoured tons of their podcast episodes) and it’s been such a gift. I am really grateful to have stumbled upon it. If you’re curious about what it is — I would listen to this episode of their podcast as it gives you a good summary of their thoughts and process. Really enjoying and seeing big shifts as well. I also do their meditations (DI’s) each night before bed and have been sleeping so much more soundly.

The theme right now is simplify. Par it all down and focus on what matters. A new season is upon us soon, a fresh start.

September saves


Chat more soon! x

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