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ETSY is an endless treasure trove. I go through phases of keeping an eye out on some of my favorite shops, and as of late have scored a few really cute things. I’ve finally got my profile in order and started following all my favorites so it’s easy to check in on and see what speaks to me. All of my “hearted” items are together, too so I can peruse those when in a home update mood, too.

Most of the time I will order something from a vintage shop, so it’s unlikely you can hunt down the exact same thing… however, there are so many options and variations all over the place you can easily find just by searching. Sometimes when I am browsing a design coffee table book and see something cool atop a coffee table, I can almost always find something similar on ETSY and it’s usually quite affordable, too.

Here are my top favorite shops as of late!


Barton Croft
Such beautiful ceramics. I love their coffee mugs so much, but really everything is such a little piece of art.


A Bohemians Attic
Carefully curated vintage pieces from Berlin. So many great ideas come to mind while browsing everything. Are these cane folding chairs for real? SO cute.


A Reimagined Design Shop
Another amazing vintage shop. Love this crystal class set and these mid-century candlestick holders.


Adirondack Kitchen
This one has been a favorite for years now. Their cutting boards are the most beautiful ever!


Silver Bee Vintage
I currently have a bevy of things from this shop in my cart. Little jackpot vintage shop!


Texturable Decor
I found this pillow and fell in love with this shop. Such gorgeous textiles, pillows, blankets. You will love it, too!


Southeast Florida
This is where I got my acrylic side table. They have tons and at a reasonable price, too.


My Butler’s Pantry
Last but not least, and definitely the best name, is another vintage shop. My personal top fave.


Cheryl Wolff Ceramics
I recently discoverer this shop and love the ceramic serving plates!


Whisper Silk Co.
Beautiful ceramic pieces in the most fun and unique shapes!


Such charming vintage finds!


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  1. Such a helpful post, thank you! Am I mistaken or did you also have an Etsy keywords post at some point? Can’t seem to find it… X

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