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Happy Sunday! As promised, here is a little roundup of inspiration source favorites. Especially as of late, these are the magazines, links, accounts that have been fueling me creatively and are just such a joy to browse and learn more about. If you have any great sources yourself, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Also, I mentioned on Instagram today how I kicked off the first newsletter of the year. Instead of sending them out each Friday like last year, I am breaking them up into two. Sundays are for a little recap of the past week and any noteworthy updates and Wednesday I will send along some inspiration and other fun things as a midweek pick-me-up… if you’d like to join you can click here!

Now on to the good stuff…

Magazines / e-Magazines

Porter Magazine is the one fashion magazine that I LOVE reading cover to cover. It serves me so much inspiration and I look forward to its arrival each month. I talked about this before in the past, but Porter used to have an app called “The Edit” which I read religiously every Thursday when a new mini magazine launched. They eventually decided to call it quits and introduced a new editorial section on their site which is even better! A daily dose style, beauty, travel, and culture. I read it weekly and love it so much. I just adore everything they do, and I am excited to share more soon but I’m working with them for my first time, which is such a dream. Couldn’t recommend subscribing to this magazine if you don’t already, and if not, know that their site is just as incredible.

Cabana Magazine is my favorite thing to collect these days! I count down to when they come out every few months, they are so beautiful… pretty much coffee table books. Packed with endless interior design inspiration, stunning photography and even the covers are always so chic and on point. I also have cut out pages to frame and saved postcards they had inside one issue to frame as well. I love Cabana!

Those are the two { actual } magazines I subscribe to/pick up, but each month I love going to my local magazine shop (the one on Union if you’re a local) and grabbing a few to browse through for inspiration. Pick up a coffee one weekend and go grab some magazines, and enjoy page flipping… it does wonders for your soul.

Badlands Journal is a beautiful lifestyle destination run out of Sydney. I met Talissa Sutton (the founder) this summer in London, who is so talented (and just a lovely human). They launch digital magazines that are so brilliantly executed. The graphic design nerd in me has so much fun browsing those pages, and her website in general.

I also enjoy reading Goop every so often for beauty tips, travel guides, and discovering cool new home goods in the home shop!


Tumblr gives me life. A rabbit hole I love falling into. My trick is I have a few bookmarked on my browser and each week I spend some time looking through them and adding photos to both my Tumblr and Pinterest boards. If I find an image I am super inspired by, I try and find the source. Either by clicking through and hopefully, it is noted or I will { control + click } google image search. I’ve found amazing photographers who inspire me, European interior design websites, it’s an endless world of opportunity to find new places to marvel over pretty things. A few of my favorite Tumblr’s below:

Look Here | Clare Ambre | Her Being Inspired | Kate Monteith


The way Instagram serves me changes kind of a lot. As of lately, I’ve realized that I like to use it as a resource for things like interior styling, unique photography, and positive words. Talented interior designers, florists, photographers, astrology accounts, chefs, European style design. Things that interest me and push me to learn and try new things. Here are some of my current favorite accounts to keep an eye on…

Vogue Living | Morgan Pilcher |  Joseph GarnderChristelle Scifo | Amberly Valentine | Interior Globe |


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