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Nature on the brink of blooming, a glimpse into spring, and the excitement of a seasonal shift ahead…

Happy February! I’m so excited to continue inching towards warmer weather. Per usual, we’re all pretty over winter at this point, I’m sure… so this month always gives me a little dose of Vitamin D (and hope) that I need, haha. It’s one of my favorite times of year because San Francisco usually has a freakily weird warm stint in February, and I’m ready for it!

On my Calendar

Off to wine country this morning with a few friends, the first trip of the year… I am so excited!  I have a couple more wine country trips coming up this month and in early March for my birthday. I’ve missed our frequent trips! I have a bunch of lady dinner dates and a couple of friends baby showers. Matt has 1 more month of busy season, so keeping busy myself as I’m really starting to miss him. And honestly, I am just taking this month to heavily fuel up on inspiration! Now that January has passed (as slow as molasses), I’m feeling as fresh today as the 1st day of the month.

Inspired by

I’ve been so inspired by planning some trips for the year, being outside in the sun with Scout on our walks and on our rooftop, and starting to talk about spring style… more coming your way. Our new couch and dining chairs arrive in a couple of weeks(!), so that will be so fun to have our space feel like new in a way! I’m excited to add a few more things and hopefully capture a new home tour by the end of the month! SO excited for a new season ahead. Winter, we done here.

Listening to

I started a pre-spring playlist to slowly collect songs that feel like sunshine, so I hope you enjoy it! Have a wonderful weekend xx

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