An Ode to Your Skivvy Drawer and Valentine’s Day Ideas

I recently did an overhaul on my bra/underwear drawer and someone happened to message me asking me to do a roundup on this topic, so I thought this post came at a perfect time for Valentine’s Day! It has been a long time since I refreshed my skivvies, and it feels so good.

Whether you buy a few things for yourself, add them to your gift wish list from a loved one, or even do a fun girlfriend gift exchange, I’ve rounded up some of my very favorites from around the web and will share which pieces I’ve recently added to my collection.

So, since I can remember, I’ve been on team lace/underwire/no lining bras, and I have become such a big fan of Cosabella. This is the one I wear constantly, so I recently ordered a few more colors. It’s so beautiful! I also just bought these underwear sets and love them… 1 | 2 | 3

A few ideas for Valentine’s plans and gifting this year! First of all, I look at Valentine’s Day as a chance to celebrate self-love, significant others, and girlfriends. Buying yourself a few self-care things like a nice candle, a new beautiful robe, or refreshing your undie drawer are a few ways to treat yourself. For your SO, pick something fun to do together: massage, a nice dinner out, a bottle of champagne and pizza (hand is raised, Matt and I personally just like experiences). And for girlfriends, it would be so fun to do a lingerie exchange (not just an occasion for bachelorette’s people) or host ladies over and ask half of your guests to bring their favorite cheese/cracker combo and the other half to bring their favorite wine.

I used to not be a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but why not make a fun occasion out of it? I will take any chance to open a nice bottle of wine, get dressed up and go out to dinner, and spend quality time with my hubby or close friends. Cheers to making this day whatever you want it to be… and indulging. xo

A few more things…


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