February Mood ’18

Well, hello Feb! I have a feeling this nice forecast stint may just be a tease, but I have been savoring the warmth. A sweeping 65-70º in the city this next week, can you believe it?! I am so excited for the spring buzz to make its way around to everyone for real–we all need some vitamin C and energy in our lives after winter blues.

On my monthly moodboards, I usually like to list out all of the reasons this particular month shines in my eyes, but February is a speedy one, so I’ll wait until March for that. I thought I would take my Feb inspiration as an opportunity to share a handful of things I’ve been working on and some plans I have for content the next couple of months.

As you can see, this month’s mood is heavily focused on fashion. I am turning 30 in a month, and I am *so motivated* to whip my wardrobe into shape and adore everything inside. A jam-packed, hoarded closet is so passé–quality over quantity is what I will be telling myself as I sift through today. I realized my lack of love for many things is why every single week by Sunday my closet is a total disaster. My floor is proof of how many things I try on and decide to *hard pass*. So we’re going to rid the old, and rebuild!

One of my goals this year is to try new silhouettes and styles, which means going into stores to try things on more often. I’m so used to the convenience of online shopping, and I tend to play it safe with items *I know* will work and it just leads me to buy replicas of things I already own. Also, take a look at the outfits feat. above! These women are rocking things that are perfectly tailored to their bodies, flatter their figures, and that’s 70% of the reason why I gravitated to these images. I need to be more thoughtful about pieces that work for my body, instead of taking the easy route, aka flowy city.

Another fun update on this topic. I am sprucing things up over on Pinterest and have added a couple new boards to help me with this process. Style inspiration (for outfit ideas), all about the basics, and killer statements. To me, that’s the formula for a dream closet. Great quality and crafted basics (that flatter you and last) teamed with a killer statement that effortlessly elevates your look in a pinch. Or a standout piece that needs very little accessory buffering, like a tailored jumpsuit or dress. And then there’s the balancing of investing in longevity items, picking quality (high street fashion) trend pieces, and topping your outfit with an accessory { bang }.

So many of you reached out recently and suggested interior design content, so more to come on that topic, too. 🙂 Thank you for your ideas, by the way, it’s always so wonderful to connect and jot your thoughts down– so many good ones I’ve already started to plan for. We’re actually starting to look for new places, which I’m not 100% certain we will find what we’re looking for (it’s Slim Pickens out there) but I will let you know of any exciting news when/if that day comes. We’re actually looking at a place tomorrow night! Fingers crossed.

Is there anything, in particular, you are interested in seeing the next few months? If you have any other requests feel free to comment below! Happy February, friends! x



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  1. I’m also working on building my closet and getting rid of clothing I’m not feeling or just sit and not get worn. It’s a process but completely worth it! I want to love what I wear. Looking forward to your design content as that are some of my favorite type of posts from you!

    1. I’ve slowly noticed that there are certain items that always spark excitement when I wear them, and then other things that quickly lose their luster after a few wears. Narrowing down the reasons and building on more of those quality, loved things. Such a fun project! And thank you– I have some interior stuff planned for next week. Happy Feb, Faith! x

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