7 Things You Need In Your Closet

The start of the closet cleaning spree has been equal parts tough and liberating! I sifted out three big bags full of things I haven’t touched in ages, and although I kept a handful of pieces I know probably shouldn’t have made the cut, I’m excited about how things are looking. I figure I can reassess once I cultivate a few new things, so tossing away more isn’t so daunting. My closet has been crowded and cramped, so being able to see everything { fingers spaced apart and all } has already made such an impact on how quickly I pick an outfit in the morning.

I ordered a couple of things online last week and they arrived over the weekend and I absolutely love them. I’ve completely shifted my mindset with shopping and have only been investing in things I spend time thinking about; how versatile they are, how much I would wear them, will they suit my figure, etc. As I embark on this closet rebuild process, I wanted to note a few essentials that I never tire of.

Now, I know that these are pretty straightforward and basic, but I want to point out that you should LOVE all of these items in your closet. The fit, color, silhouette, everything about it. I’ve owned countless variations of each but finding one that is perfection in your eyes is key!

Silk Slip Dress

One of my newest, most favorite essentials. I recently snagged this beautiful slip dress from Genuine People, one of my favorite local retailers, and you need it, too! I also love this slip. They have the most stunning selection, a perfect place to browse for quality staples that are super chic and affordable. Side note: everything is currently 30% off for their Valentine’s Day sale!

An effortless sneaker

I told you all about these sneakers I am loving last week, but I also feel like I’d be lost without my Converse. Between the two I’m set in this department. Both chic, comfortable, and team perfectly with a slinky slip dress, a floral number come spring– anything your heart desires, really!

Leather Jacket

I don’t know what I did before I owned this coat! It has become such a prominent contender for jackets each week. I love the simple moto silhouette and the pebbled leather. This one has been sold out for a while, but this one is similar and on sale. Shopbop has some really good options, too!

Trench Coat

The Trench! This is a must, but like I mentioned you’ve really gotta do it right. Slightly oversized, simple but with a fabulous detail (like big beautiful tortoise buttons or cinching around the waist). I got rid of an old one that had seen better days and just ordered a new one arriving this week, so more to report on this topic soon!

Denim Jacket

I think this one speaks for itself with how much you’ve seen me wear it! Luckily, if you haven’t found a perfect, everyday denim jacket, there are so many options out there. I look for one with a soft, lived-in look. Lighter wash and vintage-esk. Mine is sold out in smaller sizes but I also love this, this, and this.

A Favored Leather Bag

I invested in my Céline Belt Bag two years ago as a celebratory purchase (today is actually my 2-year full-time blog anniversary!) and it’s still my absolute favorite. It instantly elevates any outfit I pair it with, and honestly, materialistic as it may sound…it makes me happy when I wear it! Plus, it’s also a reminder of a big milestone in my life. Treat yo-self! A whole bunch of pretty options here.

Signature Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses that fit your face perfectly and go with everything. These Céline beauties have really stood the test of time, three years strong and they have become a signature essential in my closet.

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  1. I am in desperate need of a clean out and refresh! thanks for the recommendations.

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