Editor’s Note, 2.24

Happy Monday! Hope you are doing well and ready for a fresh new week ahead.

Gosh, I don’t like how much I’ve abandoned my blog lately. Truthfully, I have always operated in a genuine way—led by whatever is inspiring me and catching my attention at the time. I feel badly complaining about our renovation—I am so grateful we finally are able to do this and I know it will be incredible. But I do feel like I have been tip-toeing around my own house for months now. Living in mess, dust, and long to-do lists while managing it all. Needless to say, I haven’t had a ton of creative energy lately, but I know this will change soon. I love blogging and hope you enjoy coming by and reading! Just wanted to let you know I will be back to regular programing soon.

More than ever, I hope that my blog can serve as escapism from the noise and hustle and bustle of life. To leave you feeling relaxed and inspired to create moments that bring you joy. To remind you that you can design your life and days to suit your needs and wants. And honestly, like the golden age of blogging—to feel connected to a likeminded soul! I used to love catching up on favorite blogs to see what they are up to, excited about, and their approach to living their best life…

February — a lifestyle shift

I have been very much looking forward to February! Our lives have lacked some normalcy at home but that’s about to change soon. I will be sharing these feelings in a spotlight of their own post, but I have never been more excited about the lifestyle that is to come with our newly designed home.

How we live, our surroundings, our rituals, and way we design our days can make such a massive impact on us. It’s something I realized early on in my life and has been a driving force to why I am here today writing this blog post. I’m so passionate about maximizing potential and possibility in everyday life. It’s become a core part of my corner of the internet. To make living itself an art.

We’ve redesigned every inch of our house down to the hinges, a project unlike any other I’ve taken on. Seeing the main areas 70% done this weekend, I can feel the peace in my bones and it’s not even done. A feeling I’ve never experienced before, total magic.

With our renovation nearing completion later this month, I am starting to think about how different our days will feel and am thinking of ways to enjoy every bit of it! Early morning rises to sit by the fire and meditate or get in a pilates flow. Turning our record player on while we make breakfast before we take G to school. My work life is about to explode with inspiration. Evenings at home, watching Grace run and play freely through our space! Cooking up our favorite meals and testing new ones. I am just so excited to enjoy the fruits of our labor!


Today the guys are placing cabinets in the kitchen and will be installing them over the next few days. Our laundry/”garden room” was tiled last week and looks so good! Our hallway and living room (last walls left) had their final layer of mud on Friday.

This week is massive. Light sanding of living/hall walls, prime, and paint. Painting our laundry room (and adding a sconce!). All baseboards and door frames will be done in the back of the house where all our bedrooms are. Our new custom sofa arrives (more details on this soon!) — so our living room will be close to completion (just needs the fireplace stone).

Things are getting real.


Getting out of the house *a lot* lately. Pilates, long walks, working at friends, lunches. Truthfully the last couple of weeks were the epitome of “it gets worse before it gets better” (which I didn’t realize happens many times throughout renovations haha). Our house has been a wild disarray and very chaotic! So worth it all in the end—my current mantra to self. 🙂

Savoring the season

Since becoming a gardener, I love Feb that much more! I have all my seeds ready — and am just waiting for the last front next week to get things going. I will hopefully have my beautiful new garden room counter ready to go soon to house my growing seedlings. That space is going to get so much more use with the design tweaks and new direction.

It’s the final stretch of winter. Continue to take good care of yourself and lean into moving slowly / self-care nights in / doing things that keep your battery charged.

Will be excited to share more BTS of the reno with you this week as things continue to shape up! Godspeed. x


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