January ’24

Morning!!! I hope your year is off to a lovely start. It is so good to be back.

I love the potential of a fresh start / looking at each month with fresh eyes and creating rituals and plans that enhance our daily lives.

I truly feel it's more important than ever to move about your schedule with intention. Each month, I will share my priorities and focus with you here. Things I am leaning into, inspired by, and curious about. I hope it can serve as a reminder to check in with yourself frequently to ensure you are designing your days to cater to what you are needing and wanting for your life *right now.

If you want to dive deeper into my learnings and from other likeminded souls, my Studio membership community will be a place we all come together to share our discoveries, approaches, and inspiration for each month's theme.

January — relax, replenish, organize

Let's start the new year by checking in with ourselves and asking—during this season, what can I do to self-nurture, stay inspired, and fill things in my calendar that make me happy? This month, in my eyes, is slow and steady. Easing back into work. Not filling my plate too full. Making time for self-care. Planning ahead.

Doing things that my future self will thank me for. Here is how I plan to start building out my monthly calendar:

Weekly / Fam plan

I used to be a 'fly by the seat of my pants' planner and honestly that worked for me for a long time. But one of my learnings since becoming a mom, was this approach does not fly for me anymore. With a little one, it makes life feel much more flow-y when we have a plan each night after work and on the weekends. Meal prep and planning, who's on bath duty or cooking dinner, etc. Date nights (have 2 babysitters on lock now wahoo!). You get the idea.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, so tackle that calendar and own your time!


Every month (and whatever season it is, or that you are in) write down a list of things you know brighten your day and boost the energy and mood.

On sunnier winter days, take advantage of getting outside—a midday stroll or a longer walk with a hot coffee to keep warm. At-home spa night in. Bubble baths at the end of the day (help me warm up and sooth my body before sleep). Reading a few chapters in a book before I close my eyes. Start planning my garden layout and order seeds, etc. Listen to motivational and inspiring podcasts.

Look inward and align your weekly plans with what brings you joy and how you want to feel.


For me, I know that getting out of the house as much as I can is for the better right now. Pilates! I have booked a few self-care appointments that I know will feel make me feel nurtured. Acupuncture, a massage, a couple pedicures. I sent notes to a few friends for dinner catch ups. And Matt and I have planned a couple of escapes as well. 


An organized life does amazing things for your mental well-being. Set reminders in you cal for home-upkeep, organization, and personal/health to-dos.

A few things (besides managing final month of reno) I am doing: book a couple family vacations for the year. We are going to be escaping somewhere tropical in March or April to celebrate my birthday. And Matt turns 40 this summer, so will be going big for that one, too! Review financial plan for the year ahead. Clean out closet — sell/donate. Prep anything needed for spring garden.

Savoring the season

Over the holidays, I read Lydia Millens beautiful memoir 'Evergreen'. I related so much to a sentiment early on in the book—about how come new years day, the winter dread ensues. Like clockwork every year, from Jan 1 to March, I count down the minutes until spring (whilst sitting alongside my 'happy light' lol).

She notes how she got tired of this narrative and thought about how she could reframe it and enjoy the season as much as she savored the charm and splendor that December brings. You know I love a good perspective shift! I needed to hear it honestly, especially this year with our lifestyle status. 

One very important part of "to make living itself an art" is presence. Enjoying the moment, exactly where you are, rather than wishing it away. I love the sentiment of mirroring nature during this time of year. While trees may be dormant and leafless, their roots are still at work below. She beautifully articulates how winter is now a time to look inward, reflect, slow down, and save up energy for when spring does make it's way to us. I can't recommend listening to the audiobook enough—such a lovely listen/read that I know you all will love! It inspired this little snippet of each monthly check-in where I share why I love the current month and why it's special in its own right.

I really look forward to these monthly posts to help us all equip our mindsets and calendar with abundance, organization, and excitement towards whatever month or season we are in. Cheers to Jan! x

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