Friday Happy Hour

I used to have girlfriend hangs weekly, *at least* twice a week leading up to the pandemic. I look back so fondly on those times and am grateful that I took advantage of having friends close and spending so much time with them.

The plan was to try and get pregnant starting summer of ’20, and in knowing that, knew that gf weekly hangs might look a bit different. But in the spring, our worlds turned upside down, and my gf hangs came to an abrupt stop. Without knowing that, going forward, things wouldn’t look the same. I know it is only one season away from when I was mentally prepared for change, it still makes me sad!

As things continue to *hopefully settle down in the world, I’m excited to continue to make meaningful plans with friends and start new rituals to look forward to like I did pre-pandemic, suburbia, mom life! It’ll look different, but equally essential to my life. Friend time is everything!

Quick note on my outfit that I wore to a new friend/neighbors house for wine on Friday! I didn’t shop very much while pregnant (aside from necessary maternity things) so this season I’ve treated myself to a few investments that I’ll treasure for the long haul. This clutch is my absolute favorite! I have it in black from a few years ago and fell in love with this beautiful tan pebbled leather version. My cardigan wrap is def a splurge, to say the least, but had been on my wishlist forever and snapped it up in a sale this summer. And Frame jeans! xx

Linking my LTK profile here (which has all items linked!) — I’m going to start posting more daily looks over there (including unpublished snaps) in case you’d like to follow along! Also, trying to keep my “Things I Have and Love” Pinterest board updated too as I slowly collect noteworthy things. x


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